【Arknights Fan Animation】Magallan has Arrived【ENG】

Rhode Island’s 4th Welcoming Ceremony! Hey, what kind
of person do you think the new recruit is? Maybe it’s someone from Penguin Logistics? It doesn’t matter, as long as she can do the job. Ah, it’s the Doctor! Hey, don’t dawdle and quickly let the boss start already! Zima, don’t be impolite. Ahem. Our new 6-star member is pretty good this time. Firstly, she’s a girl. I thought so, we don’t have much men after all. Why is that? Why? She comes from… Rhine Lab! Hm? Was there such a report? She is a support 6-star unit! Hm? (Alerted!) She has wavy brown hair with a streak of white Huh? (That description sounds familiar.) She’s a type of bird, and her specialty is manning drones! Silence, could it be possible that you were promoted and transferred to full-time? That’s right, this new unit that I’ve just drawn Magal-lan! 囧

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  1. Turn on captions for English subtitles. Translated from Chinese to English. I am still a novice at Chinese so my translations may not be fully accurate.

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