[intro music] its ya boi Hey friends it’s akidearest and I’m going to explain 50 anime in the worst way possible Here we go! Death Note Police try to arrest the student for writing in his notebook Fairy Tail! A group of adventurers use their friendship to win every battle One Piece! A bunch of pirates who want to rule the seas but can’t swim No Game No Life! Two shut in siblings use their incest to rule the world Sailor Moon! Teenager prioritizes high school crush over saving the world Dragon Ball Z! A monkey boy and his friends find their balls to be granted one wish by a magicl dragon Devil Is A Part-Timer! Satan gets a job at McDonalds Digimon! Wannabee pokemon trainers use tomagachi to save the internet Naruto! The life of a ninja boy and the fox who lives in his tummy Yu-Gi-Oh! Kid wins a competitive card game by simply believing he has a good deck Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid! An alcoholic woman ends up living with dragon maids who fail at being dragons or maids Devilman Crybaby! Satan helps his friend get popular in school One Punch Man! A bald guy punches everyone so he can live a normal lfe Re:Zero Guy finds 1000 ways to die Parasyte Boy relies on his right hand to save mankind Erased A boy tries to prevent his girlfriend’s death by asking help from her killer Danganronpa Kids kill one another over a teddy bear Land of Lustrous Heavens vs rocks Umaru-chan Small hamster tells everyone what to do Attack on Titan Tall people eat short people into extinction Lucky Star The life of schoolgirls being girls in school Tokyo Ghoul A boy gets the munchies after a bad date The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya The life of a god in a form of a Japanese schoolgirls Girls Last Tour Lolis spend the remainder of their lives dabbing after WW3 Black Butler Rich kid sells his soul to a sexy demon Sword Art Online Kids get trapped in a game for no reason Kill La Kill A father leaves his daughter a skimpy outfit to lead the nudist rebellion Boku no Hero Academia Average boy enrolls into X-Men school Konosuba Gut spends the rest of his afterlife fooling around with hot girls after he gets hit by a truck Your Name Boy wakes up inside a girl,falls in love with her after feeling her breasts,then drinks the girls saliva to save an entire town Just your typical time travel anime Fullmetal Alchemist Two brothers’ plans to bring their mother back prom the dead blow back in their faces and bodies Soul Eater People beat up one another by using other peope Fooly Cooly Crazy outcast uses boys boner to give birth to robots Vampire Knight A better love story than Twilght Food Wars A boy sexually harrasses his schoolmates with his cooking Kakegurui Girl gets off to card games Pokemon Mother sends her immortal kid on a never ending journey to become a decent pet owner Cute High Earth Defense Club A bunch of magical boys manservice their way to victory Free A bunch of swimmers manservice their way to victory Hetalia A bunch of nations manservice their way to victory Yuri On Ice A bunch of figure skaters manservice their way to Victuuri Saga of Tanya the Evil A common Japanese salaryman reincarnates into loli Hitler Psycho Pass Police play laser tag with felons Elfen Lied Girl with split personalities wins the heart of people …and tears it out of others Love Live Young girls form an idol group to sing about their lives and things they like Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure Muscley men pose dramatically while they fight Love Hina A group of friends with terrible memory about one another Monster Musume Boy struggles to figure out if he is committing beastality Death Parade Turns out gods let you temporary chill and play some games in a bar after you die And last,but not least… Boku no Pico A group of boys explore new and wondrous things ((we all saw this coming lmao)) So there you have it! 50 anime explained in the worst way possible If you guys have other ways of explaining anime in the worst way possible leave them in a comment section down bellow So, I appreciate you guys for watching and subscribe to my channel for more anime and otaku related content And I will see you guys in the next video Bye!! [outro music]

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