Animated Short [Meteoric Salvation] – Honkai Impact 3

Mommy! Look! Hmph. They’re here… I have no time… For your… Little games! Neko Charm! This is it… I must defuse the bomb now! The Honkai energy is incredible… Kiana… Miss… Himeko! Yeah… I… promised you! I will end this wretched story… The way we’ve always wanted! I have… kept my word…

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  1. Am I the only one who wants to see tons of YouTubers’ reaction to this animation short? There are so few reaction video out there, for something with this quality.

  2. This..this is a story of a Hero unknow by the city,a Hero who save everyone as she herself began to crumble or perhaps re-materialize because of her past

  3. Dont bring a knife in a gun fight, bring a baseball bat instead.
    Didn't seal the bomb into the Void dimension to avoid the blast, but detonate the bomb in our world instead.
    And somehow survived the bomb that exploded on her face. (Kiana wont survive this if Otto didn't give her the HoV power) #OttoDidNothingWrong

  4. Literally meteoric right there

    Burn brighter than the moon and the stars, bring the light to break the darkness

    That's the new Kiana for you

  5. At last kiana use hov with her own will. Especially with appearance of himeko .Wish they will put this hov in the game later on.

  6. Oh man, when I saw himeko I just got so shocked and got even more shocked to see kiana using her herrscher powers. Damn this is a amazing anime.

  7. When I saw Major, Woooooooaaaaa!!! Major! We need you!
    Thumbs up 10000000x, mihoyo! Probably the best one after The Final Lesson.

  8. Herrscher of Void… with Kiana in control. I'm so proud of our girl. New Skin with less condescending audio, maybe??

    But if this scene is our reward for defeating Durandal, I'm happy.

  9. Kiana one golden eye:you're going to love this, trust me. what you're seeing now is my normal state. this is a super saiyan.
    Kiana two golden eyes:this is what is known as a super saiyan that has ascended above a super saiyan. or, you could just call this a super saiyan two


  10. Thanks to Himeko, Kiana finally mastered her herscher power and save the world!

  11. That explosion mirrored the "end" of GGZ but instead went on a different way
    16 years of pain, and she is all grown up now…
    Truly you are my Queen
    My one and only…


  12. Kiana definitely went above and all to save city she definitely deserves a bat type weapon from this awesome animatied short

  13. She was afraid that it kills her everyday, each moment of her life but that didn't stop her from fulfilling the LAST LEASSON that Himeko taught her. Now, she'll rise above the storm to protect the world and to end all the menace.

  14. I hope there's more in the future, I'll give it 💯/10
    I'm so proud of you Kiana, if you continue this path, you will see the future that you wanted… And most importantly you kept Himeko's promise

  15. The Goosebumps!!! 😭😍 This makes me want to play more. Such a great animation 💖💯 and finally Kiana conquered the void inside her Sht this makes me inspired 🥰 Great Music too 😍

  16. ねぇ!!キアナどうなったの?!

  17. This animated shorts are the reason I keep playing the game. They bring my hype back. But there is something I was wondering…

    How did a wood bat beat a metal robot?

  18. For fck sake mihoyo. Im working right now and u make me cry in 6 min… Goddemmit. Goosrbump all over mah body. The animation is top notch.

  19. Eh 5/10, some parts were pretty decent like the first half is pretty good, but the later half is… eh… Especially the literal moving images of Rita and Mei, like literally static images… Moving like some slideshow, and all those big moments like Kiana transformation and bringing the bomb to the atmosphere, personally, kinda lacking in impact. Also what's with that dead city coming to life segment, don't really understand that part, feels like it's just there to extend video time for the Music to end.

    Hey, at least the music is a banger.

  20. by the way, I think these spectacular animations should be in-game. It would be just amazing. and was those two Rita and mei that showed up when Kiana launched the honkai core in space ?

  21. I remember when I first play this game, mihoyo can only make an image by image cutscene only and not we have an animation for it now. How far has we come now.

  22. This really shows that mihoyos budget has increased significantly and they are getting better and better at these.

  23. My theory is that after she detonated the bomb in the atmosphere, Durandal will come and save the falling Kiana using the skill from her weapon "Black Orchid", this is based from the image that shows after the PV for HI3 3.8, where we can see Kiana is sleeping on top of tree.
    The weapon skill of this lance can be seen in the manga where Cecilia used it while doing a HALO jump and she activate the black orchid to summon a huge tree to soften her impact

  24. I'm glad playing this game. The lore of Honkai Universe really amazing. Hoping for full anime came into future but people surely need to pay high price for this. So rather hoping that time came, I already glad u at least let me became part of the Honkai Universe eventhough only in the mobile game. I hope Honkai Impact 3 game will always exist even after The End of Honkai.
    I mean 8 years later this game still exists and never having problem like some online game that stopped half ways.

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