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Viewer Discretion is Advised OK as everyone knows by now or doesn’t
know by now if you have seen my anime reviews is that I am a huge anime fan
but there comes a time when you see a bunch of overuse crap you seen in
previous animes you watched again and again and again and some of these things
might even ruin the anime experience for you they keep on using this crap because it
either worked for previous animes you watched or they know will attract
viewers or sometimes they just do it for no reason now there are a lot of anime clichés
that I don’t like but today we are counting down my top 10 anime clichés
that I don’t like now remember this is my list so if there’s any clichés on
here that makes you mad or like all like that cliché why you put that on there
then make your own list but anyway let’s begin number 10 big eyes ok I understand when the draw wants to
make nice detail I for the characters and they done that well most animes what
you just make them look like they’ve just go from making detail i suggest
making them look like aliens no human looks like that the only reason why this
is so low on the list is because it doesn’t bug me that much but it still
bugs me nonetheless huh get it but because they have bug eyes and yeah I’ll
see my way out all I’m asking is that we keep the high
size to a nice medium is that fair enough ok ok number nine the beach episode I think every single anime has at least
one episode at the beach I mean this cliché would involve me
that much if the writers would make the episode the most perverted episode in
the entire series look just because they’re wearing
bikinis doesn’t mean you have to go overboard with the fanservice even show
the prefer to begin with are ten times more perverted in the beach episode
there is no reason for you to do that just have an enjoyable beach episode and
call it a day number eight calling out their attacks now this
mostly happens in shown in animes but since most of the popular animes are
shown in it makes a lot of sense that this is number eight now I don’t really
hate this cliché that much help some of the most badass moments an animal when
they’re calling out their moves yeah but the thing that pisses me off the
most about this cliché is why doesn’t that competitor I hit the one they’re
calling out their moves seriously do you know how short
somebody’s fights would have been if this happen by man Tommy number seven
the guy who looks like a girl the way you watch anime and you find out
a girl is actually a guy it’s funny the first time because the shopvac you get
from it you’re just like but when you see it happen in anime a dozen times you
start getting paranoid you can’t tell whether girls extra girl
or not you’re just watching and may one day and you’re like an open up its local
media well when the mood she’s can you wait a minute on that note will you please go to
number six before I question my sexuality number six incest ok the thing that gets on my nerves the
most about this cliché is that I always feel like the writers are trying to tell
us incest is ok too you’re wrong you are talking horrible do
the reason why I think they want everything to be incest is this example attackontitan Mikasa and Aaron are not
related at all but after me casas passkey killed she gets raised in Erin’s
family and after some reason they just start calling each other brother and
sister not that that’s the part I’m really mad
about if you want them to be brother and sister then fine but then you bring all
this romantic tension between them making me think you wanted this to be
infest what the hell all I’m asking for is to stop justjust no no number five teasing relationships if you watched as
much anime as I have which for me is like over 50 then you know exactly what
I’m talking about you know when the guy likes the girl and the girl likes the
guy but they never get together until the end of the series or at all and it
pisses me off when they don’t get together because if they weren’t going
to get together that why what’s the matter attention and the five flights it’s like giving a little finger so all
the fans of that relationship only seen a few then I mean the smallest few
possible where the couple’s actually are in a relationship in the middle of the
series and of course none of them were shown in relationships and shown in
animes number for the hot spring episode
there’s not that much to really say about this one the exact same problems with the beach
episode is the exact same problems I have with this one the only difference is I hate this one
more cell since this one was really short here’s a montage of scott steiner
flexing your welcome why you dumped me and the canvas pump it looking at the
ride with it up a little get the party going on the dance floor
because that where the bodies that and you find out it play yeah yeah number three high school seriously why is every anime
set in high school what is Japan’s obsession with high
school the only reason this is higher than all
the others is not because it’s used holy matter of fact there are some great
enemies out there that are based in high school gto my bride is a mermaid um I think those two are literally the
only high school and made that I like huh but the reason this is so high on the
list is because it is so overused not every anime has to be set in high school think of a more original setting for
your story number two lollies now I know some of your like calla
lilies lolis are basically underage girls revealing themselves and i’m not
talking about teenagers i’m talking about girls from ages 12 to about four
please stop doing this Japan I don’t want to see an eight-year-old in her
underwear and i’m pretty sure a lot of people would agree with me except the
pedophiles are not going to bathroom them too hard because in some areas of
Japan the legal age is like 12 I’m not 100% sure but all I’m asking is
if you’re going to show panty shots and breast shots no matter white at least
let them be less lonely thank you it’s time for the moment
you’ve been waiting for door-to-door topped all top dog brought the dog haha
. the starch shut up the top of the dogs that are the topic . picked up in
atlanta pen atlanta pen atlanta deleted totally totally totally totally totally
party potato number one fanservice the funny thing is I wasn’t
even about to put this on my list at first because when it comes to
fanservice I’m fine with me this is coming from a guy who likes high
school of the day also before i begin talking about why this is my number one
I want to tell you guys who don’t know what is fanservice what the easy way of
describing it is basically giving the fans what they want chili but an anime it’s more like a baby and
shiny shy the panty shot and I do understand why they do it because of
course sex sells like hot cakes I mean that’s why the porn industry is
doing well matter of fact I’m pretty sure some of you click on my video just
because you saw my thumbnail don’t lie or control more now the reason this is
my number one is because it ruins great storytelling how can i get a most in
story when you have these fun bags all up on my strain now the enemies that
really pissed me off the most when it comes to this our highschool dxd qwaser
of stigmata etc etc these pissed me off the most because they’re hiding what
they’re trying to be there trying to have this huge serious story trying to
development too one-dimensional characters when the only reason they got
famous was because of this and this this is why I do like highschool of the dead
because even with all of the fanservice they have they’re not trying to high
what they actually are they know exactly what they are doing I mean when you make the combination of
boobs guns and zombies you had to have known that those were the ingredients to
a man’s fantasy land all I’m saying is if you want fanservice
go ahead just don’t let it distract good story unless like that artsy type
fanservice like elfin lead then I understand anyway guys are questioned
out the day what anime clichéd do you hate the most leave your comment down below anyway
guys that’s all for today so i hope you enjoyed if you did click that like
button with your chicken beaks and subscribe to my channel this is michael signing out yeah

100 Replies to “Anime Cliches That I Don’t Like | CR Top 10”

  1. i'll compare this listing to the story i'm creating so (just to be clear it's main focus is pokemon)
    10,big eyes:none of the character in my story have alien big eyes so this is no problem
    9,beach:like i said this is a pokemon story so no beach episode but i do make a lot of ice episodes
    8,calling attack out:this in my show is actually consider extremely dumb,so thanks to one of the principal pokemon member the "trainer" can actually tell its pokemon the attack it should do telepathic (i probably wrote that word wrong)
    7,guy like a girl:POKEMON STORY (but i do have difficulty telling gender apart from characters such a bernadeta from FE)
    6,incest:what does that mean?
    5,teasing relacion:yep this happen but only once out of the 5 only 1 was teased,the others either happen fast or one of the character wasn't able to bring himself to say his love to the other but it was clearly obvius which was the one with the trouble almost instantly (but even the teased one,the couple got together before the semi finale)
    4,hotspring:P O K E M O N S T O R Y
    3,highscool:pOkEmOn stOrY
    1,fansevirce:most of my answer are just pokemon story but that because well
    A:franchised that i loved aren't able to be touch by my shadow (this being kirby,yo-kai watch and *pokemon*)
    B:most of my pokemon aren't humanoid with the only exception being Riolu and even then,he's male
    C:i'm not a furry
    D:99% of my of my principal cast are pokemon with the 1% being the "trainer" which i decided that he will be a man
    F:this despite starting on the alola region is mainly based on the character and their growth and even then by most of the series the character are in a new dimension trying to return the destroyd worlds
    so in my series 9,5 of out this glichets aren't in it pretty good
    (and yes i agreed with all of you'r opinions)

  2. A bland, undeveloped and stupid MC (mostly from harem and isekai setting)

    Btw: I think calling the name of Noble Phantasm in Fate is pretty badass

  3. The cliché where i look super mega scary and i charge at you with this huge blade containing deadly poison and i slash you and you still somehow live and beat me and then a jiggly tit girl comes and rescues you 😳😳

  4. We weebs gotta stick together …. Also love the short clip of slender man in between numbers… Very nice 👌👌👌

  5. Mann your list really makes me wanna slap my face against a wall as I couldmt agree more. Especially on the perverted and loli aspects.

  6. My biggest cliche is plot armor, not on the mc, but his/her friends too. The fights are not exciting when you know mc is gonna win, and nothing will happen.

  7. This was already said in another comment, but here it goes:

    Girls don't know how to lock
    Guys don't know how to knock

  8. The one (and only, ONLY!!!) good thing about the perverted scenes (walk in room wrong time, shower/bath, etc) is that they show the true gender of a character (proves they are not traps)

  9. Main character: is about to die

    suddenly he gets flashbacks about his friends and theme song starts playing

    Villain: guess I’m gonna die

  10. The cliche that I hate the most is the i am a strong villan until deus ex machina cause let's forget about the steaks if the heroes just gonna win any way like I mean at least have a main character die like in part 5 of jojo instead of having it all be perfect in the end

  11. Hero: about to literally die trying to fight powerful villian

    Friends: shout out their name and/or inspirational stuff

    Hero: Heh, is now fully restored and for some reason has more power than before tHaNkS yOu gUyS >:D

  12. My most hated anime cliche is fan service too, but not just because it can ruin story, but because, most anime feature high schoolers, we do not need fan service for teens, just no

  13. Yeah I can understand fanservice but when it’s overused or distracts from the story or scenes then I get uber annoyed. It’s for this reason I hate Tamaki in Fire force cuz she’s fab service personified with little to no grow or character

  14. List of anime’s in high school

    K on

    Angel beats

    Maybe beyblade

    Maybe Naruto

    And literally evaey other two anime’s in existence

  15. one of my most hated cliche are headpats, why do they have to show cringy emotions with just headpats is there something I don't even know about human nature

  16. The Cliché that I hate:
    Kid: getting beat up and was punched really hard until he's flying
    Mc who legitly saw the kid got punched: "I wonder what's with that kid?"

    This happen not so often but I see this a lot of times when watching JoJo

  17. i have an exception at no.8
    i know an anime where an antagonist attacks them while calling out their attacks and its that one ep in kimetsu where they fought the former lower five or something demon the one that has spinning rooms.

  18. I hate when a really strong MC like Goku is scared of “feminine fury”. He can blow planets up but he’s scared of a housewife with a frying pan.

  19. "hey I heard this from someone so its totally true, so now I'm gonna slap you and scream at you! Even trough I haven't heard your side of the story"
    That thing has been in way to many animes/manga's that I've watched/read…. and its annoying.

  20. Boobs are way to big…girls from Japan have small chests and that's takes nothing away from their character…also..sees a girl in compromised position—nose bleeds…stupid.

  21. Incest…nuff said
    Tsunderes…if they reach above the level of lucky star, theyre annoying. Slap stick is fine. Physical assault is not

  22. I hate those thots who slap and yell “Pervert!” When the guy most of the time just looked at her for a second or some other shit he didn’t mean to do

  23. Clichè's?
    Bro here are my opinions:

    •That one characther who is the most useless one who did nothing but narrate

    •dead mom hair

    •when the fuckin main dude/other female characthers are just "friends" with the girl/boy who clearly liked him/her and reject them in THE END


    •boob physics that doesnt make sense

  24. Things that I hate the most:
    – tsunderes
    – fan service
    – no character development
    – feminists
    – nsfw episodes
    – useless characters
    – incest
    – hentai
    – lewding lolis

  25. The cliché I hate the most:
    Is when there’s this powerful mc but there’s this weak ass girl hanging around the mc and hits and makes fun or looks down on them like this Mc can literally kill so SHUP UPPPPPP

  26. 4:12 I don’t know if u knew this but gOkU needs to say and pronounce the kamehameha before release it. Plus it be boring af. Like bruh imagine naruto using shadow clone jutsu but without saying it. It’s gonna look like he trying to make a lowercase t

  27. Legit perverts who get a slap on the wrist.
    Example: Mineta from BNHA is a know creep and yet he still is enrolled at the most elite school in the world.

  28. ONE of my most hated cliches: when it comes to an anime with one male lead and one female lead( sometimes in shounen anime), I absolutely hate that the girl is almost always a damsel in distress. Sometimes the FL will have bada** moment or two and that’s it. The other 80% they are either getting kidnapped, running scared like a coward, or they’re about to get killed or attacked or something and they’re just standing there squealing waiting for the ML to come and save them.

    Now they think about it I don’t know if this is really a cliché, but I’ve seen it enough times to get annoyed. Sometimes I’m not disappointed and the FL is actually a queen throughout the whole series and has one or two moments of weakness( not that weakness is completely unnecessary). But if it’s CONSTANTLY happening throughout the whole thing over and over again it gets boring( unless it’s The one or two times where it is real ship moment and you need your dose of shipping fuel to fan over).

    Good example of a practical BOSS main girl( in my opinion) is Anna from Godanner. She was so cool throughout most of the whole thing ( I only watched it once because I’m not really into naked girls which they had plenty of that, but mostly for the romance and the mecha battles). SORRY My CoMmeNts Are tOo LOng!!!!

  29. I do Completely agree with a lot of your hates here:
    10. I can barely watch anime with really big eyes. It creeps me out too much.

    9. I wish we could have a regular beach episode two without big watermelon boobs flying everywhere or butts rubbing up on guys or girls losing their bathing suits. It’s so annoying!!!

    8. Like you said, some anime; calling out your attack makes it look a heck of a lot more cool and awesome, but some it’s not necessary! I don’t want to take the time to call out my move to give the villain an opening and I don’t want to give the enemy even a HINT of what I’m going to throw at them. Ex: My hero Academia has an episode where the students are supposed to make up a power move and call it out in battle. A problem in that universe is is that some villains “talk“ to each other ( League of villains), so what if you’re facing a villain and you don’t end up defeating them and they get away knowing your power move, don’t you think now there’s a possibility that they could dodge it or tell another villain to watch out for it!? Think about that!

    7. It’s does get AwKArd at most times so yeah



    4. Same with beach one

    3. Meh I’m ok with this one

    2. Cute young girls in cute dresses: YES!
    Cute young girls in undies like a porn show: FRICK NO PLEASE STOP!!!

    1. It depends on what the fan service is. Like a couple getting together can be OK or somebody getting some sort of power up is OK to me( just examples), but yeah I don’t appreciate busty babes flinging they are body parts all around all over the place. And you’re right, it does ruin the storyline. It’s an annoying distraction and just NOOOOOO!

  30. I agree with all of the ten.
    That is why I like to watch some more serious anime instead of eccchi and shounen types, because there they tune it down a bit.

  31. High school DXD has a good story, the demon thing is pretty cool, but the whole fanservice thing ruined everything for me.

    I hate the "excessively aggressive Tsundere cliche". They beat up the MC for absolutely no reason, and they never get hit back.
    I also hate fanservice when it's not necessary. I mean, if the characters are adults and the plot had adult themes, yeah, it's fine, but when it has nothing to do with the story, it's just boring.

  32. no, no, no, lolis literally means "young girls" and they dont always reveal themselfs, thats mostly in ecchi. trust me im an expert at lolis, my little sister is one and ive only seen her naked when I force her…

  33. Omg I saw a thing in a anime and the guy was standing in the middle of the hall, and a half naked girl runs up to him, slaps him, and calls him a perverted freak. He didn’t do anything.

  34. Japan. The only place to spend 5 minutes drawing eyes on a character, and 1 minute on the rest of the body…

  35. Do I even have to say it cause everyone has to agree with me on this one, anyways my disliked clichè is: FILLER EPISODES AFTER AN IMPORTANT PLOT POINT, LIKE WHY JAPAN!!

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