100 Replies to “Coronavirus closes Disney, Broadway, cancels March Madness and more”

  1. The media needs to be held accountable for the fear mongering and I can’t find anybody out there who’s not guilty of it. We need a Charles Bronson type vigilante superhero to rid us of these demons !

  2. Wonder the coronavirus mainly attacks the elderly. Hmmm.

    I think God doesn’t like that virus or their creator(s).

  3. Can you invite someone who can provide some ADVICE on how people can keep their immune system good. Natural remedies, anyone?!? 🤔

  4. Yeah, let's downplay it. It's just the flu, right? The world is shutting down, and you act like it's just unrealistic panic.

  5. Those are nonessential activities which can be viewed on TV, without endangering fans. I am only sorry for the common worker who can't work the events not the billionaire owners of said properties, team, shareholders, and marketing firms.

  6. Next, they will make it a crime for husbands and wives to sleep together.
    I believe that this virus is just allergies and colds, and they are causing panic, and that is exactly what they wanted.

  7. And now these GIANT Corporations will be first in line for some of that sweet free government $$$! As if they haven’t gotten enough “relief” already!

  8. Seen a few comments about world pandemic? Are there any viruses that affect the whole world today other than the C- Viries? If so what are the statistics on them and how much toilet paper is needed to assist? Also have there been any viruses that didn't or still don't have a 100% curable vaccine? I'm just sayin.

  9. How can we have kits to test for a unknown virus? and if it was already known, it would have been known to be this deadly, so why do we not already have vaccinations for it??

  10. Good, Disney sold out to communist China’s massive audience and government so nothing would make me happier then to see those scum suckers go out of business.

  11. My county has closed the schools until further notice, not because everyone has it, but so it won't spread. (They will have online school) Use common sense, wash your hands, stay home if you can and boost your immune system with healthy food. God bless!

  12. I was curious why Disneyland didn't close any earlier if this is such a global catastrophe – the same thing with Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm.!
    With 50,000 people a day traveling through Disneyland alone – from around the world – it would be impossible to isolate anybody at this point.!

  13. Learn how to prevent & treat viral infections. Make sure you have the supplements and treatments to care for yourself and your family. Don't rely on the medical system to do that which you can learn to do yourself. Try it. It's very empowering! Even something as simple as baking soda in water can alkalinize the system to prevent viral infections.

  14. Oh dear. The Dematard Donkeys are Already Running Out Of Adrenachrone. So if they are going to Close DISNEY Down. Where Will The Dematard Donkeys And The Pedowood Scumbags Going To Get Their Adrenachrone. I have heard that the Blood Banks Are All Tightning The Blood Supply Off From The Dematard Donkeys And The Pedowood Scumbags That Have The Evil KURU Diseases. Will Someone Please Tell The Dematard Donkeys And The Pedowood Scumbags That The Corona Virus Will Cure Their kuru Diseases

  15. People need to get a freakin grip. We have flu viruses every year and tens of thousands die and no one panics about that. The only reason the sinister left had made an issue of this, is because they want to bring down President Trump and America for that matter but with God's help we will prevail.

  16. Click bait on the title. Nothing discussed about Disney, et al. And, as always, these interviews are so short (due to programming), there is little value.

  17. Did I just head her say that people will feel better if they know someone who recovered from it , that's crazy it's fear base

  18. The elderly and those with comorbid diseases will always be at a higher risk. We have no vaccine or treatment and have lost hundreds. Compare that to a virus we have aggressively attacked with both a vaccine and treatment….influenza. With all these great measures, we’ve only lost tens of thousands this year. Stop panicking. Wash your hands and try to minimize your exposure.

  19. people…. if its fear mongering…. we will be the village idiots…… but if it is real threat…… we are moving in good direction…… // but looking at china,korea,italy,germany,canada,france,iran,japan……… this looks like real threat then not……… in korea, second wave is on already….. now in mega city seoul…… but still no lock down or anything close to it, even in 2nd month with virus….. all and only thing korea is doing is test…… med staff use 1mask, 1 hazmat suit for days…. all the bright news coming from korea are manufactured by the rigime…. current korea situation explained by GORDON CHANG…….

  20. MSM MEDIA MOBS had created TERROR and PANIC attacks!!
    I made a RESEARCH since SARS, SWINE FLU, Bird's Flu, learned that the KEY is STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM to COMBAT it . Since 2009 I had been taking 4-5 Star Rated,VIT.D3&C, MULTIVITAMINS plus HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Now I WASH my HANDS every 15 minutes.

  21. Is it a fair question to know can you catch the virus more than once??? I haven't heard anything on that subject.


  23. The level of panic is just too much.
    People will catch this version, feel like they have the flu, develop natural immunities to it and continue to live.

  24. US say they are the greatest country in the world. They have no tests ready, they have no good health care, they have no sick leaves.

    Senate Republicans have blocked an emergency paid sick leave bill from moving forward as the nation grapples with the coronavirus outbreak.

  25. this virus was created to wipe out the more “conservative” older generations so that that the new era is a younger more democratic populous

  26. Quarantine! Everyone, do not go outside if you value your family friends and co workers. If you work outside stay a distance away from other humans.
    The real problem is the criminal CDC who have done nothing Korea had 100,000 test kits immediately where are the cdc test kits? Fauci is a criminal.

  27. Oh this is ridiculous! They just canceled school from the 13th to the 31st (not they both are freemason numbers) in my state even though not a single person is infected!!

  28. The horse has bolted already. January is when all the barn doors should of been shut. China should off banned all travel from China. Once again a major Virus is let loose on the world. The Bird Flu came from China, a breeding ground for the World of Disease.

  29. if the Obamacare mandate was unconstitutional isn't taxation unconstitutional isn't vaccinations unconstitutional

  30. i have chronic respiiratory problems, and pretty much always have, when i worked i used lots of sick days. quite a few others in the large office where i worked were quite proud of never missing time off and would brag about always being there – even when they had the flu and such – which made me catch the flu and other illnesses and made me miss more days off from work. i hope jacka**es like that have enough sense to stay home during this time. oh, b.t.w., people like that also came in to work because they got better job evaluations for it (sort of like getting attendance certificates in school) and contributed to me getting more points off of my evaluation for more days missed.

  31. I don't like other people so I think it's great cuz I work from home so when I have to go out to the store there's nobody in there I love it.

  32. That's why I have a place in the country says no trespassing or you'll be shot in the head.30 acre lake with all the fish you can catch the matter what time of the year more deer and animals hogs everything don't even need to leave the property. Fuc toilet paper I'll just jump in the shower and wash it off

  33. This ship will be slow to turn around, but things are going to start turning. The economy, btw, is the LEAST of our worries. We are going to lose tens of thousands of people in this pandemic (in the US). After Trump's disastrous Oval Office address the other night, (in which he looked old, sick, petty, stupid and frightened) nobody is interested in protecting Trump's image anymore. Not even Republicans. Nobody is making any bones about the fact that Pelosi, Pence, and Manucin are running things now. I'll bet Moscow Mitch would love to be able to take that impeachment vote over again.

  34. Man can you imagine all the domestic violent fights that are going to come up people being penned up in your homes and fighting and arguing what the hell that's going to end up being a pandemic fighting and arguing over toilet paper food the TV oh yeah

  35. Common sense folks. Common sense. Use it and stop panicking. Wash you hands cover your mouth if you cough and don’t touch your face. And don’t listen to the media.

  36. My God is still in control. I am 72, and pretty sure I will not get it, have not had the flu since I was a kid. To me, it is just the flu, no fear.

  37. And yet I still live my life…. flu or no flu ….virus or no virus….. just use common sense is that too hard to do… instead of listening to the media you know they're going to blow everything out of proportion they get paid to exaggerate period…..

  38. Stop lying and tell them the truth that this unexpected virus was made in the US lab with military back ground. Then it was taken to Wuhan by american soldiers who attended the sport events in Wuhan in Sept. 2019!

  39. The face in the castle is hysterical. i went through hundred of photos of cindraella castle in anaheim and they chose the one picture that emphasizes the hysteria face in the castle entrance. bravo, boys!

  40. Just how many more Deadly Viruses can we expect in the future from China ? We have got to break free from that Communist Crap Hole .

  41. I'm disabled and in my 50th year of chronic Lyme disease. I've had PE's and a host of other issues. This virus is a lark for the Elite. I'm not sweating it and go out like it's just another day. Because that's all it is. The left needs to be lined up for a seat at the guillotine.

  42. Don't panic, just prepare in case this turns out to be something we're not expecting. I can't stand when people put off preparing for a disaster and when it hits are the ones banging on your door asking for food and ash wipes! Get the few necessities you'll need, then you can sit back and relax and not go into panic mode should something come out of this! Don't come knocking on my door if you're one of the many that thought it was foolish to spend a little bit of your time preparing over time just in case. I'm not going to feel sorry for you! Almost like days ahead hurricane warning and alot sit around laughing about it not heeding the warning and when it hits are the first to cry about the damage it's done! I have a hard time feeling sorry for people that believe that disastrous events can not happen and are never prepared for any of these events whatever they may be! You should always have enough necessities on hand in case of any disaster. Do this over time and then you'll not have to feel panicked!

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