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Words with Friends 2 has so many awesome ways to play. You could take on
one of your friends, pair up with your bestie and form a team, or battle a word
masters bot in a single-player mode. If you’re up for a faster challenge, you’ll
love the lightning duels feature – a new way to play that’s a race against the
clock. It’s free to play, and you can play on iOS and Android. So, are you up for the
challenge to play Daphne? Use the link in the description to download Words with
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her in a game. And thanks again to Words with Friends 2 for sponsoring this
portion of the video. Now go beat Daphne! Hey what’s up, ya’ll? My name Dez. So, get this,
like, honestly, I’ve been liking this girl since, like, eighth grade. I always had a
crush on this girl. And this is my senior year of high school. She always seemed to give me
the curveball, every time I try to shoot my shot at her. Every time she be curvin me. I’m like all right, cool, it’s whatever, it’s whatever. That didn’t stop me from shooting the shot, though. Kept shooting the shot. One day, her and her boyfriend broke up and
that was my moment. It was, like, a blessing from the heavens. I’m just like,
“Yes!” God, he gave me the signal to go back at it, to shoot the shot. So I’m over here,
you know, we was at a track meet. I’m over there being extra friendly, talking to her a
lot more, you know, kind of all over her a little bit. Then come to find out, the
next day at school, her boyfriend pissed, her ex was pissed off. This
dude was heated. Like, bro, I don’t understand why he’s so mad when he’s
the one that cheated on her, you feel me? So I’m like, all right, cool, cool, whatever, he can
be mad. So I’m walking around school, there’s rumors going around, saying he wanna
fight, he want to fight. And I had no idea these rumors going around. I’m going around
school thinking everything is fine. I was walking to a track practice, he was over
here posted up on the wall, he’s waiting for me. Then he gonna sit here and say, “Hey Dez, get over, get over here.” I’m like, “What?” He come up and got in my face. He was like, “Bro why you trying to mess with my girl, that’s my girl.” Then I’m like, “Bro, nah
bro. You cheated, bro. It’s not your girl no more. It’s Dezzy D time.” He sitting here getting heated, like about to explode. I’m like, bro, I’m not about to
fight this dude right here, cuz at the time, I had football scholarships coming in, so,
like, if I would have fought him, that would have risked me losing all that. So I couldn’t
really fight him at the school, but we could fight anywhere else. So I’m trying
to walk off, and he just pushed me, dude pushed me, bro. And you should have saw the look on my face. I was, Oh my God, I was pissed. I’m like, “All right, I’ll meet you at locker room then, all right, go to the locker room we can fight in there.” He goes to the locker room. As soon as I got in there, I saw him, like, pushing one of my homeboys. Like, bro, what the heck are you doing? I start taking everything out of my pockets, took my phone out, took my shirt off. I’m
like, “All right, come on, time to box.” So I’m over here, charging at the dude,
and everybody just, like, “No!” Everybody start breaking it up, pulling us apart,
this and this, before the fight even got started. After we got broken up and
everything, I went to the girl, you know, my little crush. I told her what happened or
whatever and she was like, “Nah, like, dang.” She’s like, she’s sorry, this and this, she says she’s not gonna get back together with him, whatever. So I’m still thinking me
and her gonna be a thing, right? Come to find out, the very next day, the very next
day, him and her are right back together. Right back together. So like, bro, I’m
looking stupid. Like I’m for real about to fight this dude over you, looking dumb as
heck. So look, ya’ll, moral of the story bro, don’t put your energy into a female when
you’re not getting it back, all right? Real talk.

100 Replies to “CRUSHED By My Crush”

  1. ✈️ Download Words With Friends 2 for free here 📲️ iOS: 📲 Android: What level are you on, comment below!

  2. Same As Meh ,My Crush Pretend That He Has A Crush On My Very Close Best friend because he want me To go Away Or He Didn't Like me As Having A Crush On HimΣ(⊙▽⊙") HUHUJUSJSJJD

  3. This is probably one of the first storybooth videos that I've seen that has this many cuss words in it. I'm actually surprised that the people from storybooth actually let this go through, and I'm not even mad about him cussing so much I'm just really surprised!! I ain't complaining at all but dang bro. Just wow..
    Name another storybooth with more cuss words then this one 😂😂😂😂
    Name another one, I'll wait….

  4. Same. My crush , I thought she liked me because she is bi and she was acting like she might actually like me .(btw I’m a lesbian and I’m not that good looking, but she was giving me something, like she was being extra friendly) The next couple days later, she gets a girlfriend. To say the least, I was sad, but kind of got a bit over her. Still sad doe

  5. Ok I need help. I have a crush on this boy and everyone says he likes me too. We both gave each other flowers for Valentine’s Day and I put my number on it. Now the only problem is I have this friend that’s a boy and I’m scared he’s gonna get jealous or angry if I go sit with my “boyfriend”. How do I keep everyone happy? Help ASAP! Even if you can’t help pls like so someone will see it!

  6. ❤️💝💞🖤💗💘💙🧡💗❣️

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