Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Walt Disney World! I’m Jane and I’ll be your driver on Monorail Coral as we travel to the Magic Kingdom. By the way, after your visit to the Magic Kingdom, you can catch a bus! ♫ (Hi-Ho carousel muzak) ♫ Welcome aboard the Nautilus. We are proceeding 20,000 leagues under the sea. Did you say sea serpents are mere fantasies? If you think you’re seeing mermaids and sea monsters, you’ve been submerged too long. ♫ YOU CAN FLY YOU CAN FLY YOU CAN FLYYYYY ♫ ♫ (spinning fanfare music) ♫ ♫ (maniac dad music) ♫ ♫ (sad brassy Pluto doghouse music) ♫ ♫ Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? ♫ Your attention, please. All astronauts should proceed to loading areas A and B. AHH ooh AHH ahh AHH Hi! ORAC One at your service and I’m programmed to be your guide on this PeopleMover tour of Tomorrowland! You might say I’m sort of a “commuter computer!” Just ahead, you’ll get a preview of one of the most fun places to shop in the Magic Kingdom: Mickey’s Mart! There’s a whole array of Disney gifts and souvenirs. (laughs) Great way to window shop, huh? ♫ (powerful Skyway EDM) ♫ KID: Isn’t that cool from up here? (thunder crash) ♫ (ominous organ music) ♫ We have 999 happy haunts here… …but there’s room for a thousand. Any volunteers? ♫ As the moon climbs high o’er the dead oak tree ♫ MADAME LEOTA: Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween! ♫ Creepy creeps with eerie eyes! ♫ ♫ Start to SHRIEK and harmonize! ♫ (evil ghost laugh) Be wary of criminal scoundrels! ♫ (uh patriotic severed hand music?) ♫ ♫ (generic country music) ♫ Welcome everyone to Surprise Celebration! ♫ (what is happening? music) ♫ This here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness! Just up ahead there, my cousin Zeke’s got a new cabin. Looks like Zeke’s having a housewarming party! ♫ (stampede music) ♫ Ye come seeking adventures of salty old pirates? (cannonball blast) Quiet, ya scum! Don’t worry, dad! It’s only a fake snake! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! The Magic Kingdom proudly presents Walt Disney World’s Spectral Magic! ♫ On this magic night ♫ ♫ A million stars will play beside us ♫ Thank you for spending your day at the Magic Kingdom.

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