Film Theory: Which of The Incredibles Is THE MOST Incredible? (Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles)

– Everyone’s special, Dash.
– Which is another way of saying no one is. Fine. Have it your way, Dash. Let’s pit you against your family in a BATTLE to the DEATH to see which special is the MOST special OF ALL THE SPECIALS! It’s time.. FOR A DEATH BATTLE!!! [intro music] Hello Internet! Welcome to FILM THEORY; The only show that can monologue longer than a villain in a superhero movie. – You sly dog! You got me monologuing, I can’t believe it. Today I’m covering what’s perhaps the most beloved movie in Pixar’s lineup: The Incredibles. A film that probably earned that title because a lot of you watching saw it when you were kids; a fact that, in retrospect, is a bit alarming considering what the movie’s really about. I mean, for a family-friendly film you have a villain that actually kills people, a wife that suspects that her husband is cheating, and repeated deaths by engine turbine. I’ve always thought that it had a weird message too: where Buddy, the young fan boy, who’s shunned by his hero, pulls himself up by his bootstraps to become a billionaire weapons designer, using his genius intellect to create devices that give him the power of a superhero himself. Which honestly is a story arc that should be praised. I gotta say as the one who felt ostracized throughout school, I totally relate to this guy’s story. He should be a good role model! He didn’t give up, he used his innate abilities to get better, to get to the position where he wanted to be. But instead, in this movie has an inferiority complex and becomes a sociopathic killer. – You mean you killed off real heroes so that you could pretend to be one?! – Oh, I’m real, and I did it without your precious gifts! Your ‘Oh-so-special’ powers. Ay, hey Pixar, I totally feel what you’re going for here, but seriously. Intelligence should be a real superpower. But NOPE! Not The Incredibles! And then the rest of the film treats him like a joke, until he dies a gruesome death, and the heroes are all solidified as the ones who are born with their innate abilities. Clearly, this movie believes that some people are just more super than others. And since you killed off the character I most relate to, MOVIE, I’m going full supervillain and giving you a dose of your own medicine. Which super IS the most super in the Parr family? Who is the most powerful Incredible? Is it the speed demon Dash? The quiet psychic Violet? The flexible Elastigirl? Or the brute force of Mr. Incredible? There’s also the baby Jack-Jack, the big wild card in the family, whose powers seemed to vary from setting himself on fire to changing to different materials, you could say he’s a regular… Jack-Jack of all trades (ba dum tss) But knowing how Hollywood storytelling works and based on the fact that the trailers are already playing all this up, It probably means he’s gonna be revealed to be the most powerful character in Incredibles 2 so I’m knocking him out of the competition. In the meantime though, place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, because four Incredibles enter, one Incredible leaves! (Evil laughter) Man, I really am starting to sound like Syndrome… – Everyone can be super! And when everyone’s super… (evil chuckling) – …No one will be. First things first: if you want to talk about raw strength, then you have to talk about Mr. Incredible. Even if Bob Parr has put on a few pounds since retiring from his superhero days he is still a hunk of muscle, tossing around cars the same way most of us would toss around a frisbee. I guess if he were really throwing the car like I throw a frisbee it would mean he would throw the car, And immediately karate chop down into the ground and then roll around on its edge in a direction completely opposite the thing I was trying to throw it at. Just rubbing the shame in my face as it rolls.. But where we really see him start to push his powers to their limits is when he halts a train traveling at full speed right in its tracks. To figure out how much force he needs to stop that train, we need to know two things: The train’s deceleration, how quickly he was able to bring that train to a halt, and the train’s mass, Calculating the train’s mass is a bit difficult because for the brief moments that the train is actually seen on-screen, we never see how many train cars there are. However, with a bit of historical research, we can actually come up with a pretty good guess on how many train cars there were, how much they weighed, and how fast the train would have to have been moving. In order to determine the mass of each railway car, we can compare it to a similar railway car in the real world. In the movie, we see Bob reading a copy of the Metroville Tribune, which when you zoom in real close shows that the second half of this movie is set in the year 1962. The train stopping scene happens in the movie’s opening moments before a 15-years-later flash-forward, meaning that that scene with the Train happens in 1947. Details also point to the city of Metroville being based on Chicago: the font and name of the newspaper make it look like a tribute to the famous “Chicago Tribune” and Chicago is a metropolitan city that had a booming economy during the time period of the movie. More importantly, Chicago is also famous for its L-train – short for elevated train, that served as a citywide Rapid Transit System since 1892. Based on the year the movie takes place and the appearance of the cars, they appear to be the Metroville equivalent of the Chicago L Train’s Steel 5000 Series cars which were in service from 1947 to 1985 We also know based on historical research that the 5000-series of car had an unloaded weight of 93 000 pounds plus another 14 688 pounds from the weight of all the passengers inside and yes I calculated that using the average weight of a person in 1950 which I might notice over 20 pounds lighter than the average weight for a person in the year 2000! Hey, you have to account for everything when it comes to historical accuracy and also our ever expanding waistline Lastly the length of the Train in the scene We’re able to count eleven visible railway cars and based on everything we know about elevated trains in the 1940s Which is a surprisingly large amount after doing this episode the Train probably wouldn’t be any longer than that in fact It was uncommon for trains to be longer than six cars during commuter hours way back then all of that gives us a grand total of 1 184 568 pounds for the mass of the train that is 592 tons. Mister incredible certainly has a lot of work to do and work He does he brings that train from 55 miles per hour to a screeching halt in just under ten seconds nine point nine seconds if we want to be exact do that to a 592 ton train he’d need to exert a force of 1 333 000 Newtons That’s the equivalent of 299 670 pounds of force just for comparison a study of seventy boxers found that elite level fighters punch with an average of 776 pounds of force with the strongest one ever not being able to reach 1 300 pounds of force Bob’s punch by comparison would be 230 times stronger than that they don’t call him mr. Incredible for nothing and with that one million three hundred thirty three thousand newtons of force is our number B’s Next up is Helen Parr aka mom aka Elastigirl Measuring Elastigirl strength is a bit trickier here since she’s not really about raw strength, but rather raw stretch We never really get to see her stretched to her limits Haha, but we do get to see how flexible her abilities are but whom Ching alright. I’m done with the puns She has a parachute mode boat mode hovercraft mode limbo mode shield offspring from oncoming homing missile Explosion mode up completely shielding the kids from an explosion of a homing missile Yikes if her body is able to go full Groot and repel the force of explosion like that Protecting what’s inside it must be pretty strong and based on her passing out in the aftermath of the explosion It’s pushing her powers to their limits, so that is the scene we’re gonna analyze But just how strong is she let’s look at the missiles We don’t actually see any other aircraft in the vicinity So it looks like these are gonna be surface-to-air missiles Sam’s as opposed to air-to-air missiles But how powerful are they well when it comes to surface-to-air missiles the explosive yield will ultimately depend on the warhead It’s carrying, but faster usually means more powerful I mean the fastest missiles in the world’s our ICBMs, which can reach speeds of over Mach 15 15 times the speed of sound and they’re usually designed to carry nuclear warheads scary thought anyway from the way that the missiles appear to only barely out speed the plane we can assume that they’re probably moving and close to The same rate now a typical commercial jet would be able to hit speeds of around 600 miles per hour which is subsonic less than the speed of sound Not even Mach 1, and we never actually see Helens plane cross any sound barriers Even as she’s trying to avoid these missiles so that means that the missiles must be moving pretty slowly Currently the slowest and typically weakest surface-to-air missiles used by the US military Still hit a speed of around Mach two and a half Which means I guess syndromes weapons budget was more focused on building killer robots And not so much on buying anti-aircraft missiles information on the subject is a bit hard to find and digging around for it has Undoubtedly put me back on top of several government watch lists there goes my trusted traveler past I worked a year to get but out of all the missiles used by the US military the slowest one is the rim-116 rolling airframe missile Ram a missile delivering a warhead with an explosive yield equivalent of forty seven point two seven nine mega joules or just around twenty four point nine pounds of TNT But here’s where things get even more complicated in the scene we see not one not two But three missiles also Elastigirl isn’t even the first thing the explosion hits impacting two plane before even hitting her also also We have to consider the fact that Elastigirl isn’t at the epicenter of the explosion when the missiles go off this all? matters because what we think of as an Explosion is basically just a shockwave that gets weaker and weaker as it move away from the epicentre and this drop-off happens exponentially so this time we’re just gonna have to do some rough estimations if we estimate that the planes main body or Fuselage is 10 centimeters thick aluminum standard for a typical Boeing aircraft And we use what we know about the impact strength of aluminum and estimate elastic girls distance from the initial explosion at around 3 meters based on the size and shape of the cabin and where we see the missile impact the aircraft the last girl’s body is absorbing a Whopping three million five hundred and ten thousand pounds of force that is more than 10 times As much force as we calculated for mr. Incredible to stop that moving train ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves a new front runner and a new definition of girl power And a new definition of wonderful Cale stop up next is flash I mean – the speedster in the family who knows though Maybe Incredibles – will feature reverse – complete with a yellow costume They could even completely rip off the flesh and recreate that time that the flash was shot with a fat ray Kidnapped and then put on display as the thousand-pound blunder like some sort of freak show ah you get it cuz he’s obese now Yikes the 60s were a very different time anyway – demonstrates his SuperSpeed a lot throughout the movie But believe it or not Greatest feat of speed that we actually see him pull off is when he rushes up to his teacher’s desk to place a thumbtack on The seat and rushes back to his seat Hey, dude calm down why you freaking out? It’s just a prank bro. Don’t be a prick about it Get it prick cuz it’s a thumbtack Anyway, the teacher determined to catch – and the act has a surveillance camera record the incident and for a single frame of the video We see – moving if we assume that the video is recording at 24 frames per second as most video cameras did back in 1962 that would mean – was covering a distance of about 4 meters in just one twenty-fourth of a second that translates to a speed of 96 meters per second or 214 miles per hour but does that give – the ability to topple his mother strength earlier we saw mr. incredible stop a speeding el train, but could he stop – Running towards him at top speed But what’s most impressive about – isn’t his speed so much as it is his acceleration the fastest sports cars on earth take around 2 seconds to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour – is able to go from 0 to 200 14 miles per hour and stop And then reverse his direction to get back to his seat again in just a tiny fraction of a second literally less than the blink of an eye I ran the numbers and he’s accelerating at a rate of 9216 meters per second square to figure out whether dash can actually topple his father we use one of my favorite equations of all time On the show flaw or force equals mass times acceleration has solved for the force that – is creating We just found his acceleration now multiply that by the average mass for a ten-year-old boy Which is about 72 pounds or 32 point five kilograms, and we find out that Dash’s speedy little legs are generating 299 thousand five hundred Newton’s of thrust the equivalent of 67,000 three hundred pounds of force which is more thrust than the engine of a Boeing 747 commercial jetliner with force and speed like that perhaps his most amazing super The fact that he’s able to get away with that tack prank He should be causing a massive wind that sends papers at the very least flying throughout classroom anyway at just under 300 thousand Newtons he’s still a million Newtons away from the raw strength of his father to match the force of his dad – would need to put on a few pounds a few Hundred pounds in fact starting with that 1.3 million Newton threshold we calculated for dear old dad and dividing by dashes acceleration he’d need to weigh in at 141 kilograms or 310 pounds to tackle his father and way more than that to punch through his mother’s elasticity 837 pounds or a whopping 380 kilograms, where is a good politically incorrect flash fat ray when you need it? And then there was one 14 year old violet the bashful Shy girl, who wants nothing more than to reject her superpowers and be normal or self now She’s a tricky one since her powers aren’t physical like anyone else in her family first the girl who wants to hide from the world Can appropriately enough turn invisible but more to our purposes? She can create force fields capable of blocking pretty much anything And you can’t have a force field without the word force the exact measurement We’ve been using to compare the family we find out about ninety minutes into the movie that violets force fields can easily deflect bullets Fusing the performance of a standard-issue m16 rifle as reference with a 960 meter per second muzzle velocity 4.0 two grams mass per bullet and an estimated Stopping distance of point zero one meters the protective bubble. She’s creating is acting with 83,000 288 pounds of force 370 thousand Newtons that alone puts her ahead of her brother when it comes to raw strength But it’s not even close to the full extent of her force fields power you have more power than you realize Don’t think and don’t worry if the time comes you’ll know what to do Hey saying You’re good in the final battle against syndromes aamna droid version 10 she pulls out her strongest force field to protect – from the giant robot the omnijoin 10 is a metal sphere with a hole thickness of about half a meter and a diameter of about thirty nine point six meters And we know this by comparing it to the size of the buildings we see it next to where it appears to be about 12 Stories high accounting for the fact that omnijoin appears to be mostly hollow inside the metal part alone would have a volume of 2,400 two cubic meters that amount of Steel would have a mass of 1 point 8 5 times 10 to the 7th kilograms or 40 million seven hundred eighty thousand pounds Newton’s third law you know the one that says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction Tells us that if violet is supporting an object that weighs 40 million pounds Then her force field has to exert an upward force of 40 million pounds 181 million three hundred ninety-eight thousand four hundred seventy six thousand Newtons that is nearly 180 times the force that her father used to stop that train and over ten times what her mom withstood in the plane Explosions, and that’s not even calculating the fact that the robot is slamming its body into the force field which means that we have Unequivocally found our strongest incredible it is dear old dad Yeah the force field would make violet the strongest incredible by an Enormous margin if it weren’t for the fact that several seconds later when violet passes out from the effort of holding up that object we See her father step in to save the day by lifting up the exact same omnijoin and unlike violet He’s able to sustain wait without passing out from the efforts, but that’s impossible I hear you saying I said it too when I was researching this episode violet has to be the strongest from our calculations mr. Incredible holding up that robot takes more than a hundred Times the amount of force that we saw him use to stop the train at the start of the movie It’s not like he wasn’t trying when it came to stopping that train He knew that there are a lot of lives at stake And he barely managed to stop it before it fell off the rails So how is it that we see him so much stronger at the end of the movie especially? When we know that this is after 15 years of him being out of service as a super well Maybe this heroic feat of strength is chalked up to the greatest superpower of them all family Gag me cut it out with your family kumbaya nonsense eeeh hippies But seriously seeing his children’s lives at stake Bob leaps to their defense and provides the most monumental Demonstration of strength that we see throughout the entire movie, this is actually known as Hysterical strength display of extreme strength by humans beyond what’s believed to be normal usually occurring when people are in life-and-death Situations, this is most commonly associated with stories of parents lifting vehicles to save their kids in this case It’s Bob Parr lifting a giant Death droid to save his kids scientific evidence to prove it is scarce since as you can imagine It’s a bit hard to test this sort of thing in a lab Hey, we’re gonna put your kid under a car go lift it But it is theoretically possible believed to be tied to the body increasing adrenaline production in times of crisis so violet is Definitely number one unless parental instincts come into play, and you know what that seems like a fitting climax for a movie That’s ultimately more about family bonds than it is about superpowers sometimes it takes the family to save the day and even though Dash and violet might not be as strong as their dad in a Way they were indirectly responsible for his greatest feat of strength And that’s Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles Your favorite childhood movie with the moral of you have to be boring special in order to be special Sorry Syndrome your super intelligence and ceaseless work ethic don’t merit you becoming a super Luckily real life doesn’t have to work that way work hard enough, and you can gain yourself super abilities case-in-point our sponsor for the day Skillshare an online learning community with more than 17,000 classes and film business and writing basically It’s all the skills that you need if you’re thinking of becoming a super youtuber or really any other modern day career for that matter Finding good reliable and most importantly useful resources to teach yourself online is surprisingly difficult these days I mean you don’t want to fall into the trap of Jake Paul’s how to be a youtuber program Which I kid you not is a real thing that is really unhelpful So Skillshare solves that problem by giving you access to online Educators who really have the skills and want to help you succeed true story I had to teach myself Everything when I first started on YouTube and videos like the ones that I found on Skillshare Such as editing and Premiere Pro for beginners were the only ways I was able to get better because there are just some things that You don’t know that you don’t know and honestly These sorts of videos are how I continue to teach myself to this day and short classes like skill shares creative direction for drone building and DIY Cinematography are helping me learn more skills more modern skills that allow me to be more creative in my videos And I know I talked a lot about video But it’s not just video skills share has everything from search engine Optimization to website building to mobile app design 3d printing, Microsoft Excel basically It’s all the things that schools should be teaching you for a job in the modern workplace But are too far behind the times to cover Sokol skills shares their to fill in the gaps and not only a skill share more useful than most school courses It’s also way more affordable with an annual subscription Costing less than ten dollars a month and with this special offer you can get the first three months of skill share for just 99 cents it was originally supposed to be through the month of January But because you guys are so special and because this video happens only come on. 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  12. violet is young her father has had much more experience than her so of course he would be stronger than her now, but if she more practice and control of her powers she could beat her dad! ALSO she does not use her powers like the rest of her family, she does not use it as much as dash or elasti-girl or mr incredible! so saying he is stronger will be temporary!


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  29. I still think 1947 Mr Incredible is the strongest. Elastigirl still passed out, even when her suit was missle proof (as said by Edna). And, Mr Incredible stopped the train with relative ease, and did not pass out, therefore not pushing his powers to the limit. Plus, during that time, the glory days for the superhero’s, (late 40’s to early 50’s), we can assume that Mr Incredible was at the strongest he ever could have been. So, holding up the omnidroid, which was much harder than stopping the train, and that violet failed to do, was a task that a weaker Mr Incredible could do. I rest my case.

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