How I Animate: Lip-syncing Onlyleigh

hello everyone! what’s up? yes yes I’m alive and well, calm down. just working hard on other projects. Pretty cool stuff I hope you all get to hear about very soon. In the meanwhile I’ve been asked by
you many times about my animation process and got various requests to make a making of video. so I thought I’d grace you all with making a
little making of video! How do you like that?? well too bad I’m starting now. So today I’m going to talk about how I do my lip-syncing, as it looks like a popular request. let me know if you want to see
more making of videos in the comments or just tell me how your day has been!
I’m easy. ANYWAY, This video was made possible for
your viewing pleasure thanks to Skillshare. Skillshare is an online
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this video so let’s get started so okay. as you might or might not know ,
I make cut-out animation. And to o do so I work with Adobe animate. A-dobe? Am I saying that right? Anyway some of you might know it as Flash! I like using this older version for no good reason other than I’m too lazy to install the newer version. But honestly it’s basically the same so this
tutorial is good for all. As you can see here these are my lovely characters from my hit video “frozen is the new black” If you haven’t watched it yet shame on you! But for sake it’s available watch on my channel and I’ll add a link in the video description. So one of things you can notice about these characters other than being hella cute is that despite sharing obvious art style similarities They each have distinctive characteristics to
separate them from the rest. for the sake of this video let’s focus on their mouths. while I use a similar template for the mouth,
something I’ll talk about a little later, I make sure to keep it within their character style it’s not a must but it helps define the character more since in my case their eyes are always little dots so
I can’t really use them to convey character let’s take Ariel, a personal favorite, and see how she’s built. let’s double click on our character symbol. As you can see this is a cutout puppet character
so she’s separated to different symbols
representing each body limb you can see them separated into different key frames in the layers in the timeline as well let’s take a look inside her head. Same deal!
different layers are different face parts. Mouth… eye…. brow But we’re here to talk about that mouth Before we can lip-synch we need, well. lips. How many do we need?
Which ones do we create? it’s flexible
but here is my personal system So this is my basic template that I use for
most of my animated videos A little mini chart divided into two columns, one has various vowels and consonants
to create speech patterns And the other is is moods we got actions for
A, M O, L, F… This specific mouth can work for different
actions like Shh, T, G, J, G, Ch, and even K and G. it’s pretty versatile and I found it to work just fine. And over here in exile is my discontinued “TH” I hardly use it anymore since i didn’t like
the way it looked in my videos, Nowadays I just use this magic mouth instead. it works just as well. Over at the column of moods we have happy, Neutral, and sad. Happy A, Neutral A, Sad A Happy M, Neural M, And to me the neutral M works as fine for bad mood
as well most of the time so I use it there too. Same goes for O
and so on The point of creating the mouths or lips
is to make it work for your personal needs the rules aren’t really set in stone when you watch different animated videos, shows and movies you can see that
there are many ways to create your slate for example as you can see here in
my stranger things Christmas video The characters never show teeth or tongue
when they speak. because the classical
animated peanuts look exactly like that it still works the key is to make it communicative enough so the audience will understand what you’re trying to communicate
and create a personal style so do yourselves a favor and have a
basic mouth template you always use. Not only will it keep a constant style
but it’ll make your lives so much easier I use these mouths for most of my
characters but with different little changes. This is Ariel’s mouth but if I wanted her
to go easy on the lip gloss… there we go. now I can use the smile for a lot of other characters too now we’re ready to lip sync!
almost. let’s talk about of very useful tool that saved my sanity
and how to use it. would you look at that magnificent bastard containing all my
lips in an easy-to-use little tool. just check out what happens when I press on Ariel’s mouth and browse the caddy. I know! so cool! This is key frame caddy, and seriously if you use adobe animate
you NEED this plugin. You can find it online
and even though I got it a thousand years ago I remember it being relatively easy to install. So i’m betting it still is. So how do bring your mouths into frame caddy? well first you make sure that all your lip symbols are neatly sorted in your library my living room might be a mess
but my flash library? seamless so we’ll start by creating a few empty key frames and place each lip symbol on each one of them we’re going to use the onion skin down here because when you do this you
should make sure
the symbols are placed on the same spot as much as you can you should place ALL of the symbols
on different key frames of course but for the sake of this video example this amount
is enough for us let’s cut all of these for future paste
and create a different symbol l in which we will contain all the mouths doesn’tmatter what it has inside right now
we’re going to get inside the symbol and erase it now let’s paste Here are out mouths! let’s double click out of the symbol and as you can see we need to change the looping option to single
frames so it won’t play the entire sequence all the time now we open the keyframe caddy in my case it’s under
window>other panels
it might be different in your animate software we click on our main mouth symbol press load thumbnails and voila! it got ourselves an amazing helpful tool yes! we are ready. you made it! it you’re about to lip-sync. buckle up because this is the real deal
and it. takes. some. time. so here is Ariel again waiting to be synced let’s see the final product before getting into it. Ariel:
“Oh it’s just like the castle you’ve always dreamed of!” Okay let’s see how that looks inside double-click on the symbol you can see
the animation of the different limbs here. Ariel:
“Oh it’s just like the castle you’ve always dreamed of!” double-click again on her head let’s see inside You can see the mouth layer with all
those little keyframes Ariel:
“Oh it’s just like the castle you’ve always dreamed of!” When you go over to the time line slowly you can see each keyframe has a different mouth movement let’s go over how I did that so like I showed you earlier we open keyframe Caddy before we load the mouths into the Caddy
a small mention as for sound in the timeline you can see I opened a sound
layer with my edited video sound already in it. what i did it is upload the
soundtrack to the software library and drag it into the workspace while staying
on the chosen music layer and it’s there! so let’s get started Ariel:
“Oh it’s just like the castle you’ve always dreamed of!” To make things easier
let’s lock every other layer but the mouth layer. it’s here where we create the lip-sync let’s load the Caddy Now our job is to listen to what she says and
choose the mouth movement accordingly. so our first sounds is an O so we’ll choose the O sound movement. Ariel is pretty happy here so we’ll go with a
happy mouth of course As you drag the timeline and listen You replace those mouth symbols accordingly T should go in here now… The J forms into J
so we’ll keep the same symbol since it sounds familiar. our next sounds is ah so we’ll choose a
happy A symbol and so on basically when you lip-synch according to sound you
should perk up those ears and follow your gut feeling. There aren’t really specific rules here as long as the character seems to align with the soundtrack the most important thing is to communicate to the audience that this is the character talking basically witchcraft. so as long as you manage to keep that illusion, the number of mouths and how you place them
don’t matter all that much if you convince everyone your character is real
you’re golden alright let’s play the video and see how we did with the basic syncing. Ariel:
“Oh it’s just like the castle you’ve always dreamed of!” looks good!
but I think I’ll drag all the animation one frame backwards Ariel:
“Oh it’s just like the castle you’ve always dreamed of!” Yeah! feels a little better. so you might have noticed
this kind of lip-synching looks a little different than my usual lip-syncing that’s because there’s a very specific
way I style my lip-syncing so let’s talk a little bit about what that means and what that might mean for you this is what my final timeline looks like let’s look back at our basic animation from the previous page and play that versus the final one Ariel:
“Oh it’s just like the castle you’ve always dreamed of!” Ariel:
“Oh it’s just like the castle you’ve always dreamed of!” You can tell second one is way smoother and less staccato-y in movement I do that by using motion tweens and
add more keyframes with subtle animation changes
of the mouths let’s see an example the sound transitions here from O to U
so I’ll make another keyframe to resize the mouth and make an U shape. Then I create a classic tween between the keyframes I like adding a little ease out to give some flavor much smoother now Eee sound Lets add one keyframe here and change up the mouth in the same way. the “Tuh” here transitions to “Guh” so we’ll give it a nice long motion tween between keyframes That’s nice. some movements don’t require such stylizing,
some do. it’s really a matter of flavour and feeling
the animation I use this method all throughout my lip synching process till it reaches this outcome Yeah of a hassle but I like how it looks and
honestly it’s my favorite part of animating my styling aligns accordingly
if the character has more complex facial features for example if you look at this
character newt from fantastic beasts Eddie Redmayne has a very specific look
that centers around his mouth area so you can see in addition to his mouth
I’ve also created this shadow and this chin to help identify the character better unfortunately it sort of also triples
the lip-syncing job but it’s a living! let’s let newt speak so you can see his
movements Newt Scamander:
“I’m so happy I could make it back to new york for christmas” now let’s hide all the layers but the chin so you can see how it moves when he speaks to New York for Christmas now let’s hear
the same with the cheek shadow Newt Scamander:
“I’m so happy I could make it back to new york for christmas” yup.
But you respect me a lot more now huh! let’s see another example with Tony Stark Tony Stark: “Ok buddy. Where am I, who are you, and what’s going on?” Tony has the case of the facial hair. so I made a whole other symbol for
his little chin beard and one for his mustache see what happens when I hide
everything but the mustache Tony Stark: “Ok buddy. Where am I, who are you, and what’s going on?” since the top of the mustache can never move
I don’t move it rather than
resize it according to how the mouth below changes the main thing to remember
about the stylizing part is that really it’s where your own personal style
shines you can choose to have simple mouth movements broad mouth movements
have the chin move not have the chin move it’s really your playground to play
in and add a personal flavour to I wanted to show you how I establish my
style so you can either take an example from it or disregard it completely.
basically have fun with it! So i hope this tutorial taught you something new
gave you some inspiration or just quenched your thirst for hearing my lovely voice
and my weird accent. if watching this video inspired you to learn more about
how the animation process works Skillshare has a ton of animated classes
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by Fraser Davidson it’s a quick paced 9
lesson class that is just a bit over an hour altogether this class will walk you
through the entire process of making an animated character talk
using illustrator and after effects. in this class you’ll actually create your own character and be able to upload and share it with
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he breaks down simple character animation so by the end of them both you
can have your own walking talking animated character thanks for watching!

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