100 Replies to “I Think I Kinda, You Know (HSMTMTS | Acoustic | Disney+)”

  1. th facts that this was released on Valentine’s Day just gives this video a different vibe for me and makes me feel even more single than i already am

  2. y’all are rude for putting this out on valentine’s day. with my single self y’all are really doing this to me 😭

  3. how can you say they don't have chemistry when even their voices compliment each other 😭 josh and olivia have impeccable chemistry physically, talent-wise, and personality-wise. having them play as ricky and nini was an amazing decision and rini is endgame. there's a warmth in the rini ship that you can't just get from other ships. this one feels like home, like a hearth that will never go out.

  4. Released on the Valentine's Day, Disney know best how to tease fans heart and keep their curiosity while waiting the second season.

  5. Wow! This series inspires me a lot. I hope to see you soon. Not to mention that this song is really nice. I will gladly listen to it again.

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