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  1. Harvey you did great stuff. if you can talk about more about acting in animation that would be great. Happy animating 🙂

  2. Any software can be a distraction from your craft, and you should use it only to improve your skills and keep focused on what matters most. In this episode I talk about that, and how you can avoid the many distractions that come from being an artist in this digital age.

  3. Great episode, great talk really needed something like this, now I am way… clear in my mind related to character animation thanks for such Animation positivity Harvey.

  4. Man, Harvey, it's like you've been reading my mind, dude. Most of these issues and subjects that you talked about in your videos are usually the same things that I'm either going through or have gone through in my career, you really are hitting on the head with these videos. I'm kinda in that same conundrum, whereas you as an animator, you're caught up between being a (Specialist or a Generalist)? This is such a big problem with these (3D programs) nowadays. These (3D Programs) tend to have that effect on you, where you feel like you need to learn everything in order to be a (complete artist). And especially for me where I'm working on this (Genesis project) where I (NEED) to do everything in order to get it done. But on a personal note, I've always wanted to take a project (BY MYSELF), from (Concept) to Finish. I've always worked with teams most of my career, and for once I just wanted to work on something that I could call my own. But I personally, you're right, these things just get in the way. In any case, this is such a (Great) channel, dude. I'm so proud of you, keep going, dude. A lot of animators that I know are really starting to love your channel. You have my support, Harvey. And P.S. Lol, Harvey you don't have to call me (Genesis) anymore, just call me (Antoine). Thanks, Harvey so much and keep up the great work.

  5. I’m really liking this type of videos but don’t forget about the other ones, they’re cool too! As you have clarify many times animation isn’t easy, but you make it look that way, you’re really good in what you do
    You were at university in 2003? I was born that year! Imagine, what for some people is a lot of time for others is a hole life.
    See you next week!

  6. This is 100% spot on Harvey, I've been working in a big studio here in Toronto for 2 years now, and my University never covered the actual animation, only the software. So I'm really learning the basics of animation itself as I'm working. I seem to have an eye on what works or doesn't but I honestly never practiced the basics.

  7. Great advice Harvey. Sometimes I liken Maya to a planet with so many places to explore, it's easy to get distracted by all its other interesting features. This video was a perfect reminder about the importance of staying focused and working on our craft as animators.

  8. Hi!! do a game animator need to be good at facial animation also, like cinematic and feature animators or body mechanics are good?? If i wanna apply to game studio (big studio and small studio) as an animator (fresher) what should i have in my demo reel only body mechanics shots like action and body mechanic pantomime or it should also have facials also???

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