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Brother tea vendor, can we get anything else to eat? You’ll have been here for the past four hours having tea and eating. There is nothing left now to feed you’ll. First give me the money now. You can take the money anytime, my friend. It’s not going to go anywhere. These days the time is not passing so we come and sit here. It’s good business for you anyways. People do so many things for time pass and here we are, we just come and sit here. Doctor Jhatka, why don’t we go fishing and pass some time? He is only interested in fish. Full day you throw the bait and sit and if nothing bites, you go home quietly. It’s boring, let’s do something else. Let’s do some target practice. Wow! What an idea! Who threw the stone on my head? Brother boxer, sorry, I apologize on behalf of Ghasitaram. He didn’t mean to hit you, he was aiming at the bottle for target practice and he missed the target. Oh my lord! Why do you want to get me beaten up? Brother boxer, I. Mr.Ghasitaram, its ok. See, brother boxer is saying it’s Ok. Don’t be scared Ghasitaram, he has forgiven you. Ghasitaram I will teach you how to do target practice. You will be trained perfectly. Should I train him Motu? Yes of course! He will learn from you and become a great target player. This is how you take aim. He thinks I am a fool. I’m sure he threw the stone at me and is blamed it on you. Brother boxer sorry, it was by mistake. Patlu help!! Boxer, leave my friend alone or else things will not go well. I had said things will not go well. Look, things are not going well for me. Sorry!! If you ever throw stones at me again, you had better watch out. It was not done purposely, the stone hit you by mistake. Oh, so you are taking their side? Doctor Jhatka, help!! You are a doctor, a respected person, you tell the boxer to let us go. You want to say something? No brother boxer. I don’t want to say anything. You can hit them as much as you want they deserve it. What sort of a friend are you?! Your friends are getting beaten and instead of saving them. You are getting them beaten even more? Look, how that body builder is harassing these poor men. Come, let’s teach him a lesson. No!! Help!! Chingam sir, help!! Who hung you upside down like this? Who did this to my friends? Tell me!! Inspector Chingam, will not let him get away with it. I swear on the law. Say you dialogue later. We went to help them and they happily broke our honeycomb and are trying to take away our honey. Bite them!! This target practice hobby turned out to be very dangerous. If we want to do pass time, why don’t we go bungee jumping? Yes, bungee jumping is supposed to be great fun. It is very easy. There is no risk and the fun is unlimited! So, who will go first? I’m too scared. I won’t do it. Come on, let me show you how easy it is. You tie the bungee cord like this and then jump. If there is any fright present for jumping then you push like this. No!! Wow! That was a fantastic jump! Patlu your push helped or else he would have just gone straight down. See, how much fun that was!! Ghasitaram, now it’s your turn. You jump along with Doctor Jhatka, so you won’t get scared. Patlu, my friend, I won’t jump. This looks risky. Why fear when Inspector Chingam is here. Come here, both of you stand here. Now look ahead. Chingam sir, the bungee cord was not tied!! Oh no! Catch them! Go!! Dr.Jhatka!! I did not enjoy bungee jumping at all. Let’s do sky diving from my flying car. I love sky diving. Have you even done any sky diving, that you love it? Sky diving is very easy. Just put on a parachute and jump off. And then when I tell you to, at that time you open your parachute and come down peacefully. I have done a lot of sky diving during my police training. Do you need to go somewhere else to pass your time? Why don’t you’ll just sit here, have some tea and snacks. Look, I’ve made fresh hot samosas. Pack the samosas. We are going for sky diving. All of you put one bag on your back. But big brother, what is the use of these bags in sky diving? Hey, these will be helping you. I am getting scared. You stay with me. You’ll see how much fun it is when you spread your arms like a bird and fly in the sky. Come on dive! Everyone hold each others hands and make a circle. Wow! This is fun! Oh my lord! I never thought I would have so much fun!! When I tell you to, open your parachutes. But how will we go up? Now we don’t have to go up. We have to go straight down. But to open the parachute, we will have to go back to the car. My parachute is in the car. What sort of a person are you? You jumped without a parachute? And the bag you have? What is in that? Samosas. Oh my lord! You got samosas here too? Inspector Chingam, what will happen now? Why fear when Chingam is here!! Chingam, sir, how will you go up? Your parachute is also in the car. We are all carrying bags full of my samosas on our backs. Oh my god!! Motu, where are the parachutes? They are in the cars boot. What shall we do now? Now scream, mummy!! Mayday!!! Mummy!!! Help!!!! Hello, Dr.Jhatka help!!! The parachutes are in the boot of the car. We all have Motu’s samosas in our back packs. Oh, god! This Motu will send us all straight up to the lord above one day. Open your eyes, whoever gets up first, I will beat him up first. On your marks, get set, go!! Stop! Where are you going? We are going to pass our time. We were getting bored just lying there.

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