Pets On Their Own – Episode 1 [ENG] 2d Animated Series

Independent Animated Studio Peven Factory Presents 2d animated series Pets on Their Own In my brief lifetime, it came to me. I realized that being lonely is
unnatural for humans. Those who have no relatives, make friends. Those who have no friends, get pets. It was just like that with Mrs Mary Anne. Here’s her family. OK, ready? Now say “cheese”! And… She hasn’t heard from her family for a long time now. They had their complicated human reasons to stay away. I’m calling on behalf of BiteTheDust Inc Have you considered getting life insurance? Ugh, those paper pushers. Her friends are in a better place now, waiting for her. Her pets, these naïve animals abandoned by others for whatever reason, became the closest things she had. They couldn’t even imag how close they grew She gave them shelter, fed them, and tended to them — unconditionally All her care was directed towards them. And they… They became her family, friends… ultimately, they will become her. Guys… Hey, puss, have you lost your mind? Wow, easy there. The grandma has kicked the bucket. Now we own this place, so we can do whatever we please. It’s a win for everyone. And I’d like to feast on this cake right here. You could wait another minute. We’ve kept silence for long enough to honour her memory, I guess. And now I’ll get on with the meal if you don’t mind. Moron! We may need her body intact! What for? Well, I dunno. To make a scarecrow and keep the crows away? With her nose missing, she’s scary enough to keep the crows away. So, the party is on! Mrs Anne, your groceries. There we are. How do we get the groceries without her face? Does it matter? We wait a while, and he goes away. Are you OK? Should I call an ambulance? I’m going in. Does she ever lock the front door? Who would tend to these pets if something happens to her? They’re gonna end up in an animal shelter. Come to think of it, I like this one. I’ll take it for myself. Now he’s gonna stooge around the house until he finds the crone. We can’t let him see the body. What do we do? What?!!! Calm down! You spoke human, as far as I remember. Come on! He is coming. I’m alright. Just a coughing fit. Mrs Anne, where are you? I’m alive and it’s not my corpse behind the sofa. Don’t go there. Just leave the groceries and take the money on the table But there’s no money here. Mrs Anne! Where is the money? Crap! Where do we get the money? She always left some there just in case. him somehow. Anne must’ve had no time to put it there. What do we do? How do we sneak the money onto the table? We must distract him somehow. We must distract him. Any ideas? I think I’ve got one The delivery guy has flies all over his face. Eat me! Hello? Mrs Anne? Just leave the groceries, the money’s on the table! Mrs Anne… I’m leaving the groceries The money’s on the table But there’s no… money… You have too much here. I’ll just leave the change here. Oh boy, the old age’s no joy. How can she live with so many pets? She’s so strange. Whew. He’s gone! Well! And you said we’d need her body. You manage to pull this off with just your voice If they find out she’s dead, we all end up in an animal shelter! Savvy? And this means we’ll no longer live together, and there’s no guarantee someone ever adopts us!!! (PAUSE) You’ll spend the rest of your lives in a cage! And without her body, we can never prove she’s alive. Well, with her body they’d rather prove she’s dead. CLAUS, I’LL NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN! NOOOO! Thanks for making them stop. It’s morning now, that’s all. A silly habit of mine. Thanks anyway. We should do something before someone else shows up. No one will. Thankfully, her family has long forgotten about her. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here. Yup, just like that delivery guy didn’t. Well, no ordering in for us then. Moron. Where are you gonna get the food? Get lost! Hmm…
We can eat what we have for starters. Then goes Mrs Anne, and then— Claus. Always wanted to taste a baked rooster… Mrs Anne! I forgot to tell you about our new offer. Mrs Anne… Oh, here you are. Take the flyer, please. Just sign here. It’s a good offer… What’s the stench? PurrPurr, is that you? Hey, Jam, what do you think you’re doing? Girls don’t smell! It’s the coat. Shut up! It stinks so bad back here that I’m dying. Well, you could just say you didn’t want it. I’ll leave now. Take care. Give me the medicine box so I can bring him round. Claus, you know what to do! This is where we do CPR, right? Let me handle it. I saw Mrs Anne. Calm down, it’s OK. It’s just us in our disguise. What do you know! I couldn’t tell you from her. Even neither could the delivery guy. He didn’t recognize us in the coat. So we can fool the others too. Well, we have our solution then. Hey, we can even cash out her pension money and spend it as we please. We are Mrs Anne now. Hey, that’s my line! Silence. Or I’ll eat you. It was just myawesome! Being human is so wonderful Yup. If you have money. What do you mean? We’re out of money! Oh, a quarter! It’s mine!
No, I take it!
Give it to me, you pussy!
It’s mine! My tail! My taiiil! PurrPurr, run! My tail! I just wanted to get married again!

6 Replies to “Pets On Their Own – Episode 1 [ENG] 2d Animated Series”

  1. This is wonderful, you guys!!
    (I'm from your FB art group and now I am a subscriber!!)
    Keep up the great work!

    (That cat is RUTHLESS, by the way…and the pug…hilarious!!!😂)

  2. Great work Peven Factory! I thought you should know that I did a brief post about this video on the "Animation & Animated Series Fandom" Facebook group. I hope you keep up with new episodes.

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