Potions – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 4

*inaudible whistling* *Plants rustling* *Replanting* *Water pouring* *Harvesting* *Replanting again* *Waters plants* *scroll* *Eats beetroot* *Blue looks around* *looks* *hit 1* *breaks melon* *hit 2* *breaks carrot and potatoes*
*hit 3* *hit 3* *hit 4* *hit 5* *Eats* *munching noises* *plants things* *planting* *Last drop of water* (empty) Blue: Hmm… *gets water* *pouring* *breaking nether wart*
*hit 6* *planting nether wart* *looks* Blue: Very nice! I’ll be ready for another harvest soon. Blue: This crop sure is strange though. *sniffs the nether wart* Blue: Smells like overripe strawberries. *Tries to eat the nether wart* *Successfully eats the wart* Blue: Nice. Blue: I WANT MORE! I NEED MORE!!!! Blue: Let me try making soup!
(and put it on a bottle later on) *throws*
*drops nether warts into full cauldron* *lights a fire* *hinders*
*mixes cauldron* *Blue tastes the drink.* Blue: Awesome! *Blue looks around* *Blue grabs the blue liquid mixed with the nether wart Blue: Let’s look… An Awkward Potion? Blue: FLOATING WORDS! *inaudible screaming* *klink* *looks* *Clink* Blue: Whats this? *Drinks* Blue: Nothing happened! Phew. hmmmmmm… *dips bottle* *Places a brewing stand* *switches* *places the awkward potion in the brewing stand* *thinks*
Blue: Lets experement! What can I put here? Blue: So it’s fuel… Blue: Nice! Blue: Let’s brew this up! Blue: Ok. Guess not. *thinks* Blue: No carrots either. Blue: How ’bout this? *Blue begins to spam recources.* Blue: Or this? Or this? Or this!? OR THIS!? OR THIS! OR- Blue: Oh! *A potion of fire resistance got created.* Blue: What is this? A “Potion of Fire Resistance”? Blue: Huh. Let’s try. *drinks* Blue: What the… Blue: Do I dare?… Blue: Woah! Blue: Yeah! I’m too cool for this heat! Blue: WOO! Blue: Whoops. Don’t want any toasted brains. Blue: Let’s experement more. *Blue Makes A potion of leaping.* Blue: A “Potion of Leaping”… Blue: So maybe if I jump, then… Blue: WOO HOO!
(bouncing 25 meters aka 300+ pixels off the ground) (And the plants don’t break.) Blue: I’m a bouncin’ fool! Blue: I love these Potions! *Bottles clinking* Blue: What else can I make? *A few moments later* *Red spawns a pig.*
Red: HIYAH! Red: Your name is Reuben and you shall be mine. Red: And you shall be my Reuben. Red: Where are you going? Red: Uhhh… Bottles on the floor… *Red scratches his head.* Red: WHAT HAPPENED, BLUE? ANSWER ME!
*Red is scared.* Red: Are you okay? Blue: Yeah… I pretty much went drunk with these po- po what? I dont remember… Blue: WHY IS THE PIG DRINKING THE POTIONS! BAD PIG!
*panics* Pig: *Makes a powerful squeak* Oh My God Pig: Oink…! *Pig goes crazy.* Blue: Calm down, Bud! Blue: HEY! That’s my hay! Blue: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Blue: Aaaugh! Glass in my crotch! Red: Whoa there, Reuben. Calm down…. Come here. Blue: GRAB! Pig: (Makes a squeak of not accepting that offer.) *punchs* Red: OOOOF! Dirt in my crotch! *The pig goes even more berzerk.* Yellow: So the guy was li- Orange: Look behind ya. Orange: Uh Oh! Orange: COME AT ME! I’VE TAKEN PEOPLE 10 TIMES AS POWERFUL AS YOU! The Second Coming: TAKE THIS! Pig: *Angry Squeak* WHAT!?!?!? NANI!?!?!?!?!
The Second Coming: THIS IS STRONGER THAN THAT HEROBRINE THING! The Second Coming: Oww. Mommy! The Second Coming: Bleh… Blue: Alright, Porky. I’m on your level now. Blue: Come at me, ya trufflesniffer! *squeak of no mercy* *Flips* *Animation vs. Level 99 Pig* *Wupash!* Blue: Ouuf! Aaagh! Gyarg! Rrmph! Ooowh! Yellow: Bottoms up, everyone! Yellow: HEEL! *Other guys join* The Second Coming: By my crystalline blade, I stabbeth thee! Pig: *Squeak of death* *Effects wear off* *wheeeeeeee* *splat* *poof* *bacon* Everyone except red: VICTORY! Everyone except red: Red? Red: Reuben…why… WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME! *They walk to red.* it seems like Red likes a pig who fights Orange: Hey, Red…it’s okay. Red: Oh… My… HOW DID I NOT THINK ABOUT THIS? *places llama* Red: YES! Hello Dolly! Wait, NANI? OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU
*Spit* Red: (offscreen) I have to take a bath after this.
THE END So I just wanted to mention that I’m selling T-Shirts online, so you can check that out in the description I’ll probably upload more designs in future. Special thanks to these animators for helping me to animate this video If you haven’t check out my other channels yet, then click here If you wanna see the next video when it comes out then click here. So, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys next video. Also, if you’d like to vote for the next animation you can do so on my Patreon Page! Link is below in the link.

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  1. Wait a minute…

    “LE GASP”

    Blue x yellow = green

    Green x red = second coming

    Is this how they were created…?

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