RAGE MODE: The Beauty of Despair in Anime.

Why is it that rage mode moments often become
one of, if not not THE most memorable moment of a show? And if you’re watching this show
in your formative teen years, hooked on adrenaline fueled shounen battle anime like I was, you
were buzzing for these few rare scenes, and for years later chasing the dragon for the
next limit break. But not all rage mode scenes are born equal.
Imagine this, a young lad or lass in the peak of their youth. Young enough envelope themselves
in their imagination but old enough to have consumed a wealth of works of fiction to know
what their cup of tea is. They’ve formed a baseline and know the trash from the treasure. Our young person, eyes glued to the screen,
see’s Frieza annihilate Krillin and watched Goku get angrier than ever before and he reaches
new heights as a super saiyan. This is it, this is peak rage and payoff. Or is it? Months or years go by and they pick up naruto,
a story about kids in a ninja school, setting out on missions to find missing cats. It’s
all fun and games, until a shinobi from the hidden mist tries to kill the main character’s
friend, which in turn stirs the demon fox dwelling in the main character and drives
him to madness, consuming him with hatred and Naruto uncontrollably tries to claw out
the hidden mist ninja’s throat. Woah. That was… awesome. A far cry from
the stoic, composure maintained, swallowed by anger but still fights with the warrior’s
code, Goku. This is what ragemode should be – animalistic
and without restraint. Not just in concept but also reflected in the art style. Barebones
lineart omitting colour conveying just how primal the scene is, and how the brutality
depicted is just as primitive. Now, young laddy and or lassy, has seen their
fair share of anime, well versed in the otaku world and have been powering through Hunter
Hunter, where suddenly the whimsical stories of a boy adventuring with his best friend,
transition over to dark fantasy themes with a young man unable to rationalise why his
friend was killed so mercilessly. The main character Gon, snaps, and it’s
nothing like what we’ve seen before in Dragonball Z or Naruto. After transforming, he doesn’t
maintain a righteous stance, with the intention of using his new power for good. Unlike Naruto,
he isn’t able to be brought back from the edge because of fleeting moments of compassion… Gon reaches the far depths of despair and
proceeds to drown himself in it. Gon confronts an insurmountable enemy, and
after the realisation that reviving his fallen comrade was no longer possible. He seeks revenge.
And in order to gain the power to do so, he throws away everything. And not to downplay this moment, as we’ve
seen the trope all too many times before “If he keeps overusing his ability it’s going
to drain way his life force” no thug that. Gon uses equivalent exchange to expend his
remaining life, to briefly reach the potential and power as if he had been training for tens
of years. He exchanged all the time he ever would have
in his life to reach his potential strength for just enough time to avenge his friend.
And as noble as this may sound, it’s drawn as pure, gratuitous violence. Stabbing an enemy as a finishing move with
your own severed arm may not be the most outlandish thing out there in the world of shounen battle
manga. But repeatedly using your strongest punching move while straddling a downed enemy,
through their loss of consciousness, until all traces of their head is erased, is somewhat
of a rare spectacle. So, for clarity, you can plot those 3 seperate
rage moments and get a feel my spectrum of 1-to-maximum rage. Despite this all being entirely subjective
I’d like to make honorable mentions for my personal favorites that vibe with me on
the angriest based level: Gintoki finding a seemingly dead Otose at
the hands of Jirocho Mob Psycho at 100%
Ichigo as a full Vasto Lorde hollow Luffy punching the celestial dragon Charloss
Naofumi using his rage series shield Reg in his battle with with Bondrewd And many more. That’ll do it. This was Anime
Fried Chicken, thanks for watching. I make tons of anime discussion videos weekly and
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  1. Throughout the whole video I thought you were talking about all of these moments to lead into Berserk which you should read by the way.

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