Group hug Okay Rosie I thought I’d start off pretty easy. Now, you’re a huge Disney fan.
– Yes… You’ve never seen… that one particular bit in Bambi- I never watched Bambi because I’ve heard of –
heard – terrible terrible things. I’m a highly sensitive soul.
– Really? I actually think I FEEL things stronger than other people.
Just my personal opinion. *crying*
And Dumbo comes and they feel the trunk… *crying*
Genuinely it really upsets me. *crying*
And they hold trunks… *crying*
and she swings him… *???* *crying*
They love each other so much… *crying*
and then they @&*$! *laughing* *crying*
It really upsets me Rosie Why are you an emotional mess? It’s gonna be like being at the movies.
Which I’m scared about because actually… There’s some horror. I saw some horror on the list of things that we’re gonna be reacting to. So I’m scared.
I saw the word ‘jump-scare’. Okay are you ready?
– I’m ready. The music sounds like JAWS. ~Duh-de-duh~ “Bambi” “Quick – the thicket!” *gunshot* “Faster!” “FASTER Bambi!”
-oh! “Don’t look back!” “Keep running!” “KEEP running!” *gunshot* “We made it!” “We made it mother!” oh “Wait” “Mother” “MOTherr!” Are you kidding me? You heard her be like, “Faster Bambi…” I heard the firing shot like – like it – It was like I was running. Was like I was Bambi… I’m not gonna give you much time to recover because now we’re gonna watch a ‘sad scene’
from Fox and the Hound. Okay, I’ve never seen Fox and the Hound…
– Me neither. -ever. All I can imagine is that
they both fall in love and live happily ever after. Because why else would you watch it
if that wasn’t the case? I’m still really upset about Bambi. Yeah I know –
You’ve got a spit string. “We met it seems… such a short time ago.” “You looked at me… needing me so.” Wha? “Yet from your sadness… our happiness grew.” Is that fox – listening to her mind?? She’s abandoning him…. *double gasp*
She’s abandoning him! Why is she drowning him? Why is she drowning him in the creek? Babe, he doesn’t understand! She – *d’o oo o o o o! *gasp of sadness* *weeping* Why is she leaving him – *squeaky wail* She just left him. *gasp*
He’s cold! My wife cares a lot for animal welfare even in, um, Disney films – so… It’s no surprise that that was a difficult, um, topic. So I apologize for that, everybody, and um, so does she… – I’m not going to apologize for my feelings! She’s not going to apologize for her feelings, and I’m not going to apologize on her behalf either. That’s insulting and disrespectful. She has every RIGHT to be upset. Okay.
I’m gonna pick the scene from Homeward Bound – I can’t do anymore sad. No –
You haven’t even SEEN Homeward Bound! I tried to put it on on our third or fourth date and you wouldn’t watch it with me…WHAt. Can we watch the woman who dances on butter? *chuckle* Okay this is the real test for me.
We’re gonna watch the end of Homeward Bound and I cry anyway whenever I watch it – I think I’m gonna cry a waterfall…
not unlike the one Sassy fell down! Surprisingly, I don’t think I’m going to react badly to this because – sorry Rose – I think it’s boring. Is he missing a dog? Yeah. Shadow. I am getting sad. *sh *sh. *shh. Oh god. Oh god it gets me every time. *sniff* All three of their pets went missing? Yeah, they went on an adventure. Back home. Wilma, have a popcorn. “It’s too far.” “He’s just too old.” *urh Just – bear with it. *gasp!* *urhh *nhuh “Peter” “SHADOW!” *wailing* *waling*
“Peter” “I worried about you so much.” *sobbing* “Shadow!” “Peter!” “Your’e okay!”
– “Shadow!” “Oh I’m so happy.” “Shadow!” *crying* “Missed you!” “I – -_____- oh Is that it? Why did all three of their pets go missing
and nobody cared? They tried SO hard to find them.
He had a job in San Fransisco. You can’t just turn your back
on your responsibilities. Awh, did they go to San Fransisco
and abandon the pets? What’s the premise here? Well s’ actually a little bit accurate. Okay now that we’re over
the pain and trauma of Homeward Bound, I’ve decided to change things up a little bit – Okay.
– and we’re gonna go horror. Alright Rosie, I’ve got some of the BEST jump scares ready and pre-loaded. Are you ready to press play?
– Okay. I’m not ready. “UURRHH!!” *yelps of terror* “It was standing there in the corner.” *door creaking* My hair’s back. Oh I hate stuff like that. “I…asked it…
‘Who are you?’ and it said… it was a visitor.” My hair’s back. “Visiting what?” Babe I can’t. Insidious is so scary. “It said Dalton.” Oh my god, my hairs… “I can still hear that voice.” *eeh *ehh! *aH! *screaming* *screaming* *laughing* Okay Rosie
this is the lady who dances on butter. okay. *chuckles* Like why is she doing it? What I love is
it’s not one big butter right? It’s several butters…. like – in a square… This is my favorite thing on the internet. What I like about this is it starts off slow – *laughing* and it really builds ~ Woh! Woah! She’s down! She’s down. *gasp* *wheeze* It’s her face – the horror on her face Like – Like she doesn’t expect to fall?… You’re dancing on butter. *ah
-*ah! uh – Rosie She literally – *wheeze* It’s how she’s like…sexy
and the she goes “Whoh!” She’s putting butter through her hair! *WHOAH!* *wheeze* Can I just say – There is nothing funnier on the internet
than people falling down…. This is a deaf baby having its hearing aid fitted
so it can hear its parents for the first time. “Hello lovely” “There we go” “Well hello” “Oh darling” I wonder if that baby was like, “Oh my god, I’m Australian” *laughing* Alright guys that’s it from us.
What a rollercoaster of a journey that was. I’m kind of shocked an upset about Bambi still. Like I can’t believe that’s children’s Disney… Bambi I think is maybe worse than Dumbo on the cry factor. I’m not sure – it’s horrible.
– Are we having… – Are we having mid-life crisis-es
es-es… Because they were being horrible to Dumbo
and then… *gasp for composure* She was trying to protect him
and they said she was ‘Mad Elephant’ and they put her in a cage
and they chained her up and… *sobs* Animals shouldn’t be chained up
and she… Baby Dumbo is an orphan… Rosie I’m crying, for different reasons. *wheeze* Don’t make me start again.


  1. This video is so funny. Just for the fact that I laugh when other people cry. I don't do that in purpose

  2. Oh fucking hell. This is probably the only time I can't cry without laughing at the same time jfc rosie ๐Ÿคฃ

  3. Rosie: I wonder if that baby was like โ€œoh my god, Iโ€™m Australianโ€. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    They are so dynamic ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  5. I never met a person before like me who gets so upset about dumbo. It's the saddest and unfortunately my favorite Disney film..

  6. Most epic part of this video: minute 3:18 I canโ€™t stop laughing… Iโ€™m sorry haha I cry on that part too every time I watch that movie, but this reaction is hilarious hahaha

  7. Saw Marley & Me in the cinema when I was 14, thought it would be a Beethoven like dog movie.

    I cried the whole way home and for the next few days and kept cuddling my dog. Never watched it again..๐Ÿ˜ญ

  8. Fucking love you both. This is literally one of the funniest videos I've ever seen on YouTube. #relationshipgoals

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  10. Compared to bambi, i think fox and the hound was..sadder, i mean, the fox eventually has to leave his only best friend,and need to choose later…oh the feels.
    But my fav is The stallion of the cimarron. The best animated movie ever.

  11. The fox and the hound is an amazing movie I recommend it to everyone

    Im only 18 and I grew up watching these movies

  12. I think I'm the only person to think Bambi wasn't that sad. Don't get me wrong, that one scene is sad but didn't make me cry. Fox and the Hound, Dumbo, Lion King, and Dinosaur make me bawl to this day.

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    When they crying.
    I was laughing ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    When they eating popcorn
    While crying . hahaha xx

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