Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Blaine’s Virgin Debacle

So… I… Met a girl… At college… We happened to live in the same co-op together. And… She ended up moving out, but we still talked after she moved out. We went out drinking. Like, things were fine. We ended up making love, as they say. And I remember… We were like… Going at it and she said something along the lines of: “This is my first time.” And I was like: “Oh, that’s kind of weird.” Anyways, whatever, that happens, it was fine. You know, we kind of split apart. Well, I had another friend who also lived at the co-op with me. And he’s like: “Hey, I’m talking to this girl.” And I was like: “Oh, I know her.” But I didn’t want to tell him my history cause, like I thought it would ruin it for him. Well so, like, the weeks passed and every now and then he’d update me on it and he’d be like: “Yeah, I think it’s getting really good.” And I was like: “Good for you, dude. Good for you.” And he came back one time and he’s like he’s so proud. Shit-eating grin. And I was like: “What’s up?” And he’s like: “We did it.” And I was like: “Yeah? You did it?” “Yeah man. I kind of feel bad, but she said it was her first time.” And I was like: “Ohhh!” It was like a couple of days or weeks later when we were just over drinks and I was like, you know… He had ended it with her, and he was like complaining about her and I was like: “You know… I didn’t want to tell you this cause I thought it would spoil it but, like…” “I had also been with that girl…” “And she also told me that it was her first time.” And we were both just like: “Whaaat!?” So we had like, this weird, bonding moment?

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