Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Gavin’s Golden Hands

Geoff: Listen, I was talking to his grandpa one year, at this convention, actually. And he was like, (Michael imitating Gavin’s grandpa)
And he was like, “Thank you so much for taking, uh, my boy under your wings, and making a thing out of him.” Gavin: Is that you doing an Italian accent?
Yeah- Gavin: Is that you doing an Italian accent?
Geoff: Yeah, that’s your dad’s- Michael: That was flawless. (Michael: It was great.)
Geoff: And I’m like, “He’s-” I was like, “You know what, it’s all Gavin, he’s great, he’s very…” James: Was he wanking off at the same time?
“You know what, it’s all Gavin, he’s great, he’s very…” Geoff, laughing a little: Yeah, he was. (chuckles) He was like- James, imitating Gavin’s grandpa: “Thank you, thank you so much!”
Geoff: I was like so- (muffled audience laughter, and muffled Gavin talking)
Geoff: I was like- (stutters) Please stand up, you don’t have to bow.
(Michael: Oh.) And, uh- I was like, “Well, it’s all Gavin. He’s very talented,” “He’s a- (stutters and repeats) he’s an exceptionally talented young man.” And then he goes: “He’s a- he’s the boy with the golden hands.” And I was like, “Well, I don’t know what that means but, sure.” (Gavin wheezes softly) James: He’s the boy with the golden hands? Gavin: He- you know, it’s a second… language. (laughs) (muffled audience laughs) (Jeremy laughs)
Michael: Dude. You told me, the other day. You had a pretty… … A pretty sweet- James: NO, DON’T MOVE AWAY THAT! Gavin, confused: Eh, what? James, laughing and struggling: We need-
What? Michael: What? James: We need to get to the bottom of- James: He’s the boy with the golden hands?
Gavin: No, he’s just… my granddad! Michael: He’s got- he’s got the hands of gold, the Slow Mo Hands! Geoff: Yeah. James, laughing: Alright! Alright-
Gavin: Yeah! (James: But-)
Michael: You- You gotta push that button, James! Gavin: Don’t worry about it!
Michael: You gotta push that button! James: Move on from it!
Geoff: I assumed it was like an Italian colloquialism for like, talent. Geoff: I assumed it was like an Italian colloquialism for like, talent. Michael: Right.
Geoff: Yeah. Michael: Or he’s just fucking- He’s fucking CRAZY. Geoff: Or he made his living like, getting his hands peed on in some weird sex thing. It’s like-
Michael: Yeah, that’s also possible. Michael: Yeah, that’s also possible. Geoff: Yeah, it’s like a golden pre-shower. You just piss on my hand- Gavin: Pre-shower? Jeremy: Yeah! Geoff: It’s not like, your whole body is just the hands. Jeremy: I like the thought of Gavin’s grandpa being like, “It’s the boy with the golden hands.” “Period. Moving on.” (Geoff laughing)
That’s what he is.

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  1. Oh wait “golden hands” isn’t a saying in America!?!?!?!? No wonder my friends were confused……

  2. I think he's trying to say everything he touches turns to gold. Or that he succeeds at everything, which might be a valid claim

  3. Way to setup Gavin for a weird encounter in the bathroom with some crazy fan. They are all gonna wanna pee on his hands now.

  4. RT should let fans share their funny stories on a twitter page or something so they can be read by the guys/girls and fans can enjoy them.

  5. I think that in some parts of Europe and Asia they say that someone has golden hands when they are very talented at doing something

  6. does it bother anyone else that the "summer of animation" trailer thing at the end isn't 16:9 aspect ratio? like, how hard could it be to fix that?

  7. "Avere le mani d'oro" (having hands of gold) in italian could be translated with "everything the person touches turns into gold", meaning said person has a lot of success. Not sure, but might be a king Midas reference.

  8. I'm still wondering whether Gavin's grandfather that appeared in his old Skype commercial is his real grandfather or just an actor

  9. Whoever animated this clearly has not seen the Skype ad. Gavin's grandfather does not look like that.

  10. The dude in the rainbow RT shirt bears a striking resemblance to Anthony Kiedes from Red Hot Chili Peppers

  11. Why is none of your shows on YouTube right now??? I know that they are on your site and you have to pay to watch them.. but whyyy???? Only do this once please~~~

  12. Saying someone has golden hands, even in english means they are skilled with their hands at what ever task you are talking about….

  13. Look we get that it means talented with hands. The part we missing is doing what and why does his grampa know only. That lines be questionable as fuu, acents make it no better.

  14. Why are they making it seem like its a weird metaphor? It just means tht he's good at what he does. Like king midas' touch(everything he touches turns to gold)

  15. I kinda wanna hear an episode about all the unique things Gavin says that no one really knows what they mean.

  16. If anyone is wondering it's a reference to King Midas, basically his grandpa said anything he touches turns to gold. So Geoff was right in a way of it meaning he's talented.

  17. Out 17 hour, over 300,000 views, I know it's a 9,5 millions channel, but this is what the fans are hear for. They can't ruin this.

  18. Animation is done with the hands so he's skillfull with his hands I guess. I thought someone would complement an animator by saying they're better than Walt Disney

  19. In Ethiopia, "someone with golden hands" means that Massa is going to come soon to take those hands away and sell them

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