Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Tornado Punches

– [Jeremy] Have I told the story about when I got punched in the face because of a code blue? – Not ringing a bell. – They would run code blue drills all the time. Like, “Alright, time to practice it!” You know, you have fire drills all the time in school. That’s like a classic thing, and so we’d have code blue drills, and they say, “Everybody, it’s a code blue, it’s a code blue,” and even the teacher’s knew it was a drill, maybe like, “Fuckin’ everybody under your desks, I’ll turn the light off. We’ll stop teaching right now.” So, I was in a science class, one time; it was a chemistry class, it was this class that had … instead of desks, it had these big tables that have sinks, and they have the bunsen burners on them and all that shit. I had a buddy of mine that got under one of the tables and I was, “You know what? I’m gonna fuck with him. Why not?” ‘Cause the ta … It wasn’t like a desk- – [Chris] It’s only, it’s only a drill … – Right, it’s a drill. I knew it was a drill and it was a drill. It wasn’t like a desk where you can see all four directions. It was a table; so you can only see in one direction, so I climbed up over the back of the desk … So I’m on top of the desk and he’s hiding underneath it. And so I poked my head down really quick, “Hey! What’s up Lindon?” And it freaked him out so much that he just punched me right in the face while I was hanging upside down. I just collapsed off the table onto the ground during a code blue. – [Chris] I did that one time when I was in high school. I was sleeping on the floor … – [Michael] Sure. – [Chris] Yeah, a bunch of friends sleeping over. – [Michael] It’s a code whatever. – [Chris] Yeah, it’s a code … Orange -ish. – [Others] Yeah. Alright. – [Chris] And, my friend, he was fuckin’ around and he tripped … Fell on my balls. – [Others] Oof. – [Michael] Wait, what hit your balls? Like what part of him? – [Chris] His … He landed … His arm … – [Michael] Ohh … He caught himself. – [Jeremy] Ohh no. – [Chris] He caught himself on my balls. (crosstalk) And I was sleeping. I’ve never been … primitive, like caveman style. I just flipped him over and started punching his face. I was just like, “Bam! Bam!” – [Jeremy] Oh, poor guy! – [Michael] That’s awesome! – [Chris] And then it took like twenty seconds of punching before I was like- – [Jack] Jesus! – [Chris] Oh! I’m sorry! – [Jeremy] … he’s just a pulp at this point? You know that scene in X-Men where Wolverine stabs … – [Chris] Yeah, exact, exact … I was like, “RRrgh,” and then I was, “I’m so sorry.” – [Jeremy] God damn! – [Jack] He finished swallowing his teeth and then uhh … – [Michael] Holy shit. – [Chris] I don’t … That was the only fight I’ve been in. – That’s amazing- (Rooster Teeth music) (jazzy music)

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  1. Damn, I love the visualization of these animations, like the story's funny and simple, but the visuals are really funny. It's the fun creative cartooniness that I really like.

  2. uh. umm.tryna think of a story. oh, i got a good one. its like those tornado-thing drills where ur supposed to get under the desks. i was trying to get under mine once, but i am so tall. i have to hunch over like crazy. no wonder why i probably have back problems.

  3. I've never heard anyone call tornado's code blue, for us it's always been code yellow for tornado's, code blue if it was a medical emergency. Is that just me?

  4. My friend was at a sleepover and he was asleep and one of his friends told everyone that they should Mr. President him and they agreed so his friend Kevin yells "MR. PRESIDENT GET DOWN!!!" and goes to tackle him but my friend wakes up right then and instinctively punches kevin in the face then punches another guy 4 times then continued on to all the others.

  5. we don't have "code blue" nowadays. we have A.L.I.C.E. which is a little bit different …. maybe? idfk

    wait nevermind i have no idea what i'm talking about those aren't even the same thing

  6. They say that getting hit in the balls is 100 times more painful than childbirth (I'm guessing per second and not over time). So just the lengths men go to, to defend themselves are pretty justified. Which is also why I hate tv shows, movies, etc that try to make it funny. To me it's the mentality of laughing at someone giving birth because they're in pain. Laughing at people on their period, people who lose body parts, etc. It's really the fact that you can go from perfectly fine to so much pain that makes it comedically simple, but it's just not good to teach to people that it's okay.

    One girl when I was younger went around kicking (kicks hurt enough anyhow) everyone in the balls because she thought it was funny. She did it to everyone else then tried me. I raised my knee reflexively and she hurt herself kicking my knee. This was like the one moment where hurting a girl was actually funny to me. No one cared that she hurt her foot trying to kick me.

  7. Can you all please do a wings of fire animated series based off the books? The ones with dragons.

  8. I wanna see primitive chris, I feel like because chris seems so nice and shy that if he is ever angry it would be something to be terrified of

  9. My tiny, vegan, environmental-science teacher socked me once.
    I don't make much noise when I move around, so I tend to just "appear" behind people (ᶦᵗ'ˢ ᶠᵘᶰ). This was during her planning period and a fellow student just left, leaving her alone. I politely slipped by and waited for her to turn around. I waited for probably a minute and a half before I greeted her. I spoke softly, to avoid frightening her. ……….It did not work.
    "ᴴᵉʸ ᴹˢ⋅ ____⋅" she immediately 180'd in her seat, reeled back, and punched me in the gut before my mind caught up.

    Epilogue: She felt bad. I felt bad. We both apologized, and there was no bad-blood between either party.

  10. Why does my school always do a fire alarm drill. Sure if there was a man with a gun. I would be running outside because we rarely do a look down drill.

  11. In Canada, Code Blue means someone has been injured and is in need of urgent medical care. Code Red is our American Code Blue.

  12. What are these colours all about? I assume they’re for natural disasters, and what ranking are the colours?

    We don’t have these in Scotland so I’m unaware of this.

  13. Ryan: He landed MOUTH DOWN!

    X-D Jesus, Ryan, Chris already said that it was his arm when he fell and trying to catch himself, you perv!

  14. In middle Tennessee, code blue means medical emergency. Code reds are for Intruders. If we had any natural disasters or fire drills they would just call it a fire drill or tornado drill.

  15. In the thumbnail when those arrow thingies looked like they were in Chris, and I instantly thought,"Ten Little Roosters amiright?"

  16. My grandmother used to love scaring everyone jumping out at them. One day I reacted and hit her in the chest…she's dead now…not from me hitting her that was 15 years before she died. But she did stop jumping out at me after that.

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