Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Walk-ins & Dead Bodies

[music] Barbara: Did you ever talk about who you walked in MONO AEK? Gus: When the– when we still had temporary bathrooms. They got torn down. For a little while one of the locks didn’t
work right. Barabara: It didn’t show “occupied”.
Gus: Right. Gus: On the inside you would think it was locked but it hadn’t actually locked.
Gavin: That’s the worst, guys. Gus: So, I walked up to the door one day and opened it and Lindsay was sitting on the toilet. And her reaction was just to go: “Guuus. Noooooooooo” [Everyone laughing] I just closed the door. And I was like “I’m so sorry! It says UNOCCUPIED!” And I was like, “I’m sorry, you can’t wear white to your wedding now”. [static] Joel: That’s funny that brings up
another story. I know a guy who’s like, he did a lot of dead body work Gus: Like he played dead bodies, that’s what you mean.
Joel: Right, that was his thing. Right? Joel: Like he worked on X-Files as a dead body in the morgue. And it’s like they put him in the drawer. It’s like between takes it gets really quiet you know that, but it’s like, Joel: if it’s really quiet you don’t want to say anything, ’cause you don’t want to fuck up the take.
Gus: Right. Joel: So he was like in the drawer, and it got really quiet, and he like laid there. And he laid there…and it was like 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, it was like, “Alright, clearly something’s going on.”
[Burnie and Griffon laugh] And so he like like– struggles, to get himself out of the drawer. Joel: Like everyone’s gone.
Griffon: Oh my god. Joel: They got lunch. They like, forgot about him! Left him laying in the drawer. [static] [music]

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