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RWBY Chibi! *tap* *tap, tap* *TAP!* *TAP, TAP, TAP, TAP!* YAAAH!!! *SLAM!* *Strained groan* AH!! *CRASH!* *CRASH!* Awwww! AWWWW! *BREAK* OOF! Ruby: Missed! Weiss: Drat. Ruby: Huh. No one’s here. EH I guess I’ll go check out the court…yard…… Uh… Ninjas, huh? Huh? *GASP* *dreamily* oh yeah… Now that’s a katana. *Yang Battle Cry* *CLICK!* *CLICK!* *CLICK! CLICK!* Yang: Huh? Weiss: *chuckles* Nyeh! AHH!! *Thud* Blake: Huh?! Blake: Wha..? *FRANTIC* Where is it?! Blake: Ruby, is that my book? Ruby: This is filth! FILTH! Blake: AH!! Blake: Can… Blake: Can I have my book back? Ruby: LATER! ♬ This is the way we want to spend every day. ♬ ♬ Laughing with our friends and keeping sadness away. ♬ ♬ Join us and see, we can be happy and free. ♬ ♬ Life is full of fun because we’re all Chibi. ♬

51 Replies to “RWBY Chibi, Episode 1 – Ruby Makes Cookies | Rooster Teeth”

  1. Daily I thin’ about quotes from rwby chibi

    “This is filth. Filth.” And “it’s kickstep kickstep bodyroll, it’s not rocket science”

  2. I found this randomly and this is my first time seeing this but when she said now thats a katana I was like BRUH THATS NAZTY

  3. me: watches rwby chibi hmmm, this is cute.
    ME: finds out about regular rwby F u ck i love this show-

    moral of the story? rwby chibi got me into watching rwby-

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