100 Replies to “S2E1: Naked – Liza on Demand”

  1. Fun fact: We started writing this season 9 months ago. From conception to today's birth on September 25, 2019 at 5:00pm… OUR BABY HAS BEEN BORN. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING ALL 10 FREE EPISODES OF LIZA ON DEMAND COMING OUT EVERY WEEK ON WEDNESDAY! BUT HOLLUP… if you have Youtube Premium… you can watch all ten episodes for free RIGHT NOW. Feel free to binge for free! Thank you for your love, patience and support.

  2. Tbh i think that they should put the camera up a little more u know what I'm saying

    Hahaha I'm not a perv.I'm 9 years old using my mother's account because why not?

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  4. 16:25 Oh yes lets make fun of people with eating disorders as some fat acceptance move. That wasn't body positivity by any means. That was straight up wrong. "I'm Liza and I'm going to make fun of people with eating disorders because it's so funnnnyyyy"

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