SketchUp Tips and Tricks: Animating Section Cuts

Animating section cuts in Google SketchUp is easier than you might think. Grab the Section Plane tool and click in your model to place the section. I like to hide the actual section plane. With your section in place, add a Scene tab. Grab the Section Plane tool again, and place a section cut in a different location. Once again, add a Scene tab. Clicking between the two tabs will animate the cut. If you only want the Scene tabs to animate the section cut… … and not save the camera view… … you can specify that in the Scene Manager dialog.

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  1. window/ styles/ edges/ edit. select the wireframe box, uncheck display edges. You can shortcut this. Window/ Preferences/ shortcuts. Type in "display" to find View/Edge Style/ Display Edges. Assign a shortcut. On Windows click the "+"
    then click OK. On Mac just assign a shortcut.

  2. Hey man i m new and i have a question:
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  3. I have sketchup pro and windows 7. When I export the animation with section cuts to an avi file to make a vid. the active section cuts dont appear. There is just one annoying unwanted section cut that appears in every single scene. Is there a way to get around this?? Any tips would be helpful

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