19 Replies to “[Sub][Remind 29] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation – To Capital Again”

  1. I've been looking forward seeing a this but I was hoping for it to not be a part of the Shinmon Arc but oh well. I still hope we get to see Shion and Tokoha (maybe as V Series Chrono's childhood friend) real soon.

  2. I still wish Misaki (V Series) could wear an outfit thats similar to her Casual clothes as a teen, the one that consists of an orange jacket with a dark mauve crop top that leaves her belly button exposed and among others?

  3. I was hoping to see the Kanzaki vs Shinemon fight first but this… This makes me VERY happy.

    And Chrono Dran looks so cute!

  4. hopefully the release of these cards wont be delayed due to the corona virus : ( ive been waiting for support for my clan for almost 2 yrs lel

  5. G reboot will come later now we getting series where Ibuki will be the main character so we will have to wait for g reboot

  6. Since this is still part of the shinemon arc, G isn't happening for a while. So i guess when G does come, Chrono will be somewhat of a Vanguard Fighter unlike the original G. Also, maybe G will happen after another arc after shinemon? If so, what arc?

  7. What if there was a duo of idols who are similar to an idol duet named DiverDiva (ダイバーディーバ) in the V Series what would you guys think about them?

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