Synchronised Swimmers | A film by Animation & Visual Effects students at Falmouth

We did the synchronised swimming as part
of the Jubilee Pool’s 75th anniversary. I really wanted to be in a
synchronised swimming team at one point. Although, I’d never ever done it before
and the opportunity came up with the opening of the Pool, because it was an
arts focused event, so I just asked a few of my mates, basically, and even got my
daughter involved. So there was ten of us in the end. You know, we were
absolute learners so we had to try and not only put together a routine from
scratch but try to work out what synchronised swimming actually was. The
pool was so deep and we actually did that sort of classic dive thing in – have
you ever seen swimming where they go dun, dun, dun, dun like dominoes and we’ve,
you know, practiced that, that was like our favourite start to the routine and
then the second time around, the water was really shallow because the time was
different and so we couldn’t dive in, we had to like bomb jump in and then, you
know, it was much easier to touch the bottom, we didn’t have to drown. And then we swam underwater
and popped up in a big circle and sort of did a few things with
our arms and then stuck a leg up and sunk down. Loads of splashing, so
that it looked quite visual. For the grand finale we had one of the girls go
under the water and my daughter was standing on his shoulders and being, sort
of, like, flung up in the air sort of thing.

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