The Problem With The Crunchyroll Awards 2020

The 2020 Crunchyroll Awards have ended and
now we live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. One where Demon Slayer is the anime of 2019
and my sexuality crippled by Prince Canute. Listen it’s tough times for us anime fans
now, and it’s all because of these damn Crunchyroll Awards again. First it was Yuri on Ice, then it was MHA
and sure there was a couple of years with Made in Abyss and Devilman winning, but…
something is weird right? Demon Slayer? Better than Vinland Saga? Better than AoT? Better than The Promised Neverland? Better yet why wasn’t Fruits Basket on the
list? Well today we’re gonna talk about a major
issue with the Crunchyroll Awards, and this one issue may surprise, I guarantee not many
people will even care to mention it even. So here we go. Every year I cover the Crunchyroll Awards,
as it’s a fun break from just talking about anime all the time. I say it’s a break, but maybe it’s more
of just a distraction honestly. And really, anime fans don’t have an event
quite like Geoff Kheigley’s The Game Awards. We don’t have Green Day on stage or Kevin
Penkin coming out and performing some of his scores. We also don’t have breaking trailers with
announcements for anticipated anime sequels or new adaptations of classics or brand new
hit manga and light novels. Us anime fans have… well… The Crunchyroll Awards, a rather small awards
show that is probably more pandering than it really is an actual awards show. What do I mean by this? Well let’s just take the winner of Best
Protagonist, Senku from Dr. Stone. Now I don’t want to disparage any fan of
Senku, any fan of Dr. Stone or certainly any fan of any nominee in the awards show. You can like what you like, this isn’t an
argument of taste, but of “Best Protagonist”. The nominees for this award were even rather
straightforward. Emma from The Promised Neverland, Hyakkimaru
from Dororo, Saitama from OPM, Tangerine from Demon Slayer and Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket. Including Senku into this list doesn’t really
make sense to me at all as I’ve seen Dr. Stone, I watched a couple episodes and Senku
really doesn’t deserve to be in this list. He sticks out like a sore thumb here, and
that’s an issue. I feel a lot of these nominee lists aren’t
really what fans of anime want sometimes, which should be what an awards show this small
should focus on, the hardcore fans. I’m gonna put it out there, that Tangerine
from Demon Slayer is a way better character. The perseverance and hardships he has to go
through to grow to become a Demon Slayer. His family being murdered by the demons, his
kid sister Nezuko essentially being mutated into one. That to me is a more compelling character
than Senku is. But to me, Tohru Honda seemed to be the easy
win here, she is the best protagonist because she is from a writing standpoint way better
than anything I’ve seen with Senku, and probably will. Sure, it’s quirky and neat that Senku is
a super smart guy, but that’s the thing he has all the answers already. He’s just a shounen protag, and that’s
it, he has no character beyond everyone calling him an onion and him being macgyver but for
anime. Tohru Honda is a brilliant character, who
doesn’t have all the answers. She loses her mom, and her will to even live
at times but still struggles because she knows that one day she’ll find her happiness and
will to live again. Tohru Honda is someone who I want to be, that’s
how well she is written. She isn’t simply an anime character, she
is the representation of essentially a lot of life lessons and stories that many people
can learn things from. And sure you can learn a lot of neat stuff
from Senku, but the things you learn there won’t be practical, but being a good person
is practical and Tohru Honda’s journey shows that you can still learn life lessons from
Japanese animation. Isn’t that beautiful?… refreshing even? But it’s also really apparent that the awards
for this show seemed to be pandering to so many weird audiences. For example, why was Ymir and Historia nominated
for best couple? As far as I’m aware from my knowledge of
Season 3, what I’ve read of the manga and what my friends have told me this is a dumb
nomination as they aren’t a real couple anyways. As well, Satsuki the Savage, my KOA co-host
even brought up that the winner, Kaguya and Shirogane from Kaguya-Sama aren’t even a
couple at all. I can’t really understand why we’re even
having the category of “Best Couple” in an awards show of this caliber anyways. Sure, in the KOA Awards shows we have really
stupid awards, but we are just some random podcast out of a billion others on the internet,
we like to discuss things in our niche and talk to our audience and entertain them. “Best Couple” is really not a great award,
I would say Best Boy and Best Girl is a better awards show and that’s literally just an
award for which one you want to touch butts with more for a lot of people. I’m happy that we get these awards shows
every year from Crunchyroll, don’t get me wrong, but the issues with them seem to just
always persist. It feels like they’re just trying to pander
and capture everyone, give everyone an award, but to me I think there should just be a panel
of industry people who simply want the best anime to win. Which isn’t what they did with Demon Slayer
winning anime of the year. Literally everyone anime except for one on
this list (I haven’t seen O Maiden’s In Your Savage Season to completion) was better
than Demon Slayer. But Demon Slayer won, not because it’s better,
but because it’s the most popular. And hey, I am a Demon Slayer fan, I think
the show is a great time and if it’s on I’ll sit down and watch it. I love the animation, the art and I can’t
wait to watch the dub when it finishes airing. Demon Slayer is awesome, but Demon Slayer
being Anime of the Year just because it captured the zeitgeist is dumb, and an oversight, much
Nezuko, the girl who barely talks and has no character development is somehow nomiated
for Best Girl. How is Vinland Saga, the show that wowed so
many people with it’s heartbreaking ending and the tale of the son of a great viking
wanting revenge for his father’s death. Had some of the best art and animation from
Wit Studio and had some of the best voice acting you’ll ever hear from Japan. What about Carole & Tuesday which showed that
Watanabe can just drop out of nowhere and throw one of the best slice of life music
anime of the year onto our laps. What about Mob Psycho 100 which I’m not
too hot on, but can respect a lot of the character work and writing that goes into a show like
that. Or hey, The Promised Neverland, and truly
unique anime that takes a more horror approach that isn’t just gore. How does Demon Slayer win this? Sure “that” episode had great animation,
but if one episode makes a whole series then well goddam pal, Tokyo Ghoul is the best anime
ever. Once again, I’m a fan of Demon Slayer, but
Demon Slayer is not anime of the year by any means. Anime of the Year is not “Most Popular Anime
of the Year”, if we went by that standard for anime of the year then why have the awards
show in the first place? But here is the problem nobody is talking
about. The problem is practically staring us right
in the face. So what is it? Well that is easy. The problem is caring about awards shows in
the first place. Instead of doing what I did here and write
a whole script out about my frustrations with the Crunchyroll Awards, exercise your rights
as a free person and make your own awards. Tweet at your studios, tell them their anime
moved you. Hell write them a letter on parchment and
send it by bird. There is no reason to argue over the Crunchyroll
Awards because they have the right to pick who they want to pick and you do as well. Instead of arguing with people, telling others
they’re wrong because of their taste or some BS reason like that, just compare and
contrast what you would pick. There is no reason to start a flame war over
what a company deems anime of the year. So I am going to do just that. Welcome to the SeaTactics Anime Awards 2020,
the completely arbitrary and definitely not paid off or biased in any way awards shows
event of the year! We have such guests tonight like… Dwayne Johnson… Brad Pit… Some random girl… … and Keith Richards! Including a musical performance by none other
than… Washed up artist! Our first award here tonight is for best score
and it goes to… Goku ASMR Best Girl goes to… Kamikaze Boy’s wolf mask.. Helmet? In the music video for the one song from Vinland
Saga’s opening. Best character design goes to… MILF from MILF Art Online And Anime of the year goes to…. Fruits BAsket!… wait hold up sorry… ya’ll
I read the wrong name, it’s actually… Demons Slayer…?! Wait this isn’t… hey wait a minute you can’t just play Gurenge
and expect I won’t… hey wait.. These are my awards! I’m the one who put them together! You can’t do this! I paid for this! No not the tazer!

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