Watch the ZOMBIES 2 Cast Compete in the Ultimate Disney Couple Tournament

So we are playing D23’s Ultimate Disney Couple Tournament! I’m just reading my options first. I’d say this one is Aladdin. And I know who my winner is already. In the upper left corner, we have Aladdin and Jasmine versus Anna and Kristoff. All right hold up Anna and Kristoff in Frozen 2. They were adorable. However, Aladdin and Jasmine. I wanna go on a magic carpet ride! Are you doing Carl and Ellie? You can’t take all my answers! Why not? I did the opposite though. If you guys don’t choose Arielle and Eric… Ariel? Arielle. Ariel? We’re going to have a problem… The problem is I’m gonna go with Belle. Ok, we’re going to go to the right side now. Lady and the Tramp or Mickey and Minnie? Mickey and Minnie, come on! Mickey and Minnie, no way! OK, but the spaghetti scene is so iconic! I was thinking about taking Rapunzel and Flynn to the end. Just because I love that movie and I love Flynn. I love Mickey and Minnie to, but like… But it’s WALL-E though! E-va…it’s what he says. Anna and Kristoff or Belle and the Beast? You picked Anna and Kristoff? Yes, and they’re going to the next round as well! No way! All right I’m done. I got the answer. I have THE answer. My winner is WALL-E and Eve. You know why? Because no one is gonna pick them. Because they are the underdogs
and like of course Aladdin and Jasmine are classic and like you have to pick
them, but I’m picking them because I want to be different and I want to represent
WALL-E. As much as I absolutely strive to be Tarzan on a daily basis, I think Aladdin and Jasmine, their relationship is SO magical. The reason I chose Rapunzel and Flynn is
because I just like…it’s something about about Frozen and Tangled and just
like about like—you know what—It’s the female protagonist that I love. That’s why. That’s why. Now this was a this was from an emotional place. I understand that. It would be Carl and Ellie. That movie struck me so deep. It was really fun too. So I originally had said Mickey and Minnie, because if you think about it, they’re the best matchmakers, because they brought all these people together! Wow! Think about it. Think about it! I thought about it.

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  2. Still don't understand how this got a sequel, the first one wasn't that great, and the sequl look like they rip off on Twilight.

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