100 Replies to “Wukong & Misty Meadows Mountain | The Squad (Fortnite Animation)”

  1. Who's been a HUGE fan of arcade cloud before 2020??

    👇I'm GIFTING my next 84 subs 🎁
                       Must have notïs🔔

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  3. 1:28 Tanner: * breaks oxygen tanks*

    A few minutes later….

    RIP Tanner

    He had an addiction luckily he didn’t die because of that

    RIP Roach

    He always murdered but loved doing sponsorships and rubbish.

    RIP Anya

    She was always salty springs dog.

    RIP Caroline

    Her voice never changed back to the original

    they all died of asphyxiation cause tanner broke their oxygen.

    You will be missed…

  4. So its break floor and fall down and see master shifu from kung fu panda and he tells you to go somewhere to win

    What i'm saying is break the floor to win

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