You SHOULD Pirate Anime.

A large number of people cutting their subscriptions and starting to pirate will force streaming sites to innovate, make a better product and bring back not only those ex-subscribers, but bring in the huge market of people who never cared about supporting the industry in the first place. If I’m correct in that assumption, then it means that pirating in the short term would be a lot better for the industry the consumers and the streaming sites. Literally everyone is happy. I call it: “Operation: I’ll show you a real anime strike”. Alright, so why is this necessary? Well, we’ve been doing the whole support the industry don’t pirate shtick for years. Like seriously, I found videos back from 2010 telling you to support the industry. But despite all the time that that argument has had to form and spread, piracy is still very popular. And while it’s definitely true that this mentality had an effect, what you should really be asking yourself is: Is that good enough? About six months ago when that crunchyroll controversy went down there was a straw poll on /r/anime that asked if people canceled their subscriptions in response. Over 50% of people confessed that they didn’t even have a Crunchyroll account. And granted they might have been using a different legal streaming site, But let that sink in; Crunchyroll is by far the most popular legal streaming site. This is a board for people who are big fans of anime and furthermore people who don’t care about crunchyroll I.e. people who are less likely to have a subscription are going to click on this thread a lot less than others. How big is this number… really? By the way a good a time as any to mention it There’s this guy named AniNews who did a great unbiased statistical breakdown on streaming and that guy actually does business and doesn’t have an IQ of 86, so if you don’t listen to me, at least go watch that video. The streaming industry is certainly not dying. Hell, It’s growing. I won’t deny that but I’d bet my bottom dollar that that’s only because the anime community itself is growing exponentially faster. But the people who have been here for years and have never bought a streaming service probably never will. Again, we’ve been using the same moral argument on our peers for a very long time now. The fact of the matter is for a certain very large group of consumers no amount of moral shaming will work. And while a lot of youtubers see that as a problem with those consumers, I see that as a problem with the streaming services. The main reason that these people will not buy these services is simple. There is literally no reason outside of a moral one to do so Illegal streaming sites do pretty much everything legal ones do, sometimes more. Some of them even provide convenient download buttons if you want to get the episode file. And the ads aren’t even that big of a deal, worst case scenario you have to close the pop-up and go fullscreen. Boom, it’s exactly like legal streaming sites, so you didn’t have to pay for it, and you didn’t have to dick around with signing up only to find they didn’t have the anime you wanted to begin with. And again not saying that it’s not a shitty unethical reason, it absolutely is but that’s beside the point. Until this group has an actual reason to buy these products, they simply won’t If you think you can ban piracy, be my guest. If you think you can convince these people to go legal, be my guest, But you’ve had 11 years, and you haven’t even got 50%. And after all this time, I’ve started to find it a little hard to defend these sites because for some peculiar reason The only thing they haven’t tried is innovation. The only thing that will not only fix this problem, but put us into a new age of humongous growth for this industry, is someone coming up with and implementing a new revolutionary idea that lets streaming sites compete with piracy. And I get some people might think well pirating can just do everything streaming sites can do. Not necessarily like just off the top of my head how about letting me link my account with MyAnimeList. That’d be a good start, every time I finish an episode you can update my account to include what I’m up to and every time I finish a series you can add a text input bar under the video where I can put my thoughts and ratings and immediately have it update on my list. Best part is illegal streaming sites can’t copy this the last thing MyAnimeList is going to do is sign a deal with an illegal streaming site they’ll sign one with Crunchyroll though. Also, I know I keep saying Crunchyroll. It’s just the site I’m most familiar with. But this applies to all legal streaming sites. Now MAL linking is just something small and simple but it goes to show that illegal sites can’t mimic everything. Granted, they could create their own MAL, but it would never pick up. The whole community is already established and it doesn’t involve registering an account with a shady streaming site. Anyway. That’s just something I thought of before even starting research on this video. Imagine what you could think of with a whole boardroom of people. In fact I already got a couple ideas to build on this so stick around but my point is that the beauty of innovation is that anything is possible and until you try you don’t know what crazy solution or idea could potentially solve all your problems. Huge industries and even technology as a whole has been built on the back of people being in rough situations and just trying something new. But the quote-unquote rough situation is key. See the only problem is that this is never going to happen. The streaming market has completely stagnated. In most businesses innovation is considered a risk and companies that are progressing smoothly don’t take risks. I went through Crunchyrolls press releases, and there’s not a hint of a new feature. The closest thing we’ve gotten to an innovation was them holding a fucking convention which doesn’t exactly compel new customers, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s just an excuse to sell a shit ton of stuff. I mean for God’s sakes we still don’t even have a buffer bar on Crunchyroll. It just actually exists if you pay for extra premium you get the beta features. Yeah, you have to pay for the beta. That’s not the point of a beta test. Oh, and if that’s not enough of an indication that they’re not prioritizing site improvement, that feature that already exists on every other site has been in beta for eight months. And looking around all the other streaming sites will give a similar result. These sites get the license to stream the anime and then they stream the anime. Best case scenario they copy across some ideas from other mediums forums news, etc, but that isn’t innovation and it’s certainly not enough to persuade the average user that they need the service over pirating. The irony of this whole situation is that We did this I’m 90% sure the only reason these sites make any revenue at all is because of the community that’s supporting it out of the goodness of their heart God only knows that’s why I did it. In fact. Let’s do a straw poll. Check the description, let’s see if we can get some mildly accurate data for once. I mean granted. There’s slight advantages. I guess you don’t have to deal with ads, and I guess you can reliably get 1080P and I guess you have a neat little autoplay function that adds nothing compared to actually signing up and paying. Crunchyroll still has complaints about bit rates anyway and I’m not incapable of making 4 extra clicks just to watch another episode. But being able to download an episode now that’s an actual honest-to-god feature. That’s like a big thing, but crunchyroll hasn’t added anything to sweeten the deal in ages despite the huge amount of good it could do, they like add extra anime and give you the ability to read manga but that doesn’t compete with piracy. Anyway my point is that fed wolves bear no claws. I think you know good intentions. We’ve given streaming sites enough money to the point where they don’t try to innovate. Which makes sense really, the bottom line is that they are not a charity, they’re a business. They’re not gonna put your money to a cause, the money IS the cause. as far as they’re concerned their site is good enough to attract customers even though it’s not and we’re just doing it because it’s ethical. And they’re only concerned with maximizing profits rather than try to take on piracy like they should be because we’re paying them to support the industry and if there’s a way of strengthening it they should be setting aside a decent chunk of revenue to research and innovation. But from their mind more and more people keep coming in. they don’t need to do anything considered a risk. Now, you can kindly ask these companies to add new features if you want, and I’d be delighted if that actually works but realistically if you want to see innovation and progress you need to cut your account and switch back to piracy at least until you genuinely want the product you’re paying for. Also for the record. I’m not gonna cut anything myself, I’m gonna keep my Crunchyroll and anime lab accounts. If only as a counter-argument to the people saying that I’m looking for an excuse. My personal feelings are out money aside This is something that I believe you as consumers, a huge conglomerate of people should do. I think you should pirate. But I think as the one trying to convince you I should not. All right now back on topic. now one thing that’s worth noting and probably a decent Counterpoint to piracy being the only thing that can push this industry forward is the idea of the competitive market okay? Here’s the part where I get kind of in depth with economics and market theory or whatever the fuck It’s called see that’s how an experienced I am with this. I’m gonna try my best here. I might botch something Hopefully someone will call me out if I do, and I’ll like heart your comment or whatever okay? So a lot of people probably thinking well anime strike and Netflix probably aren’t doing well on the streaming success and one streaming site has Already died shouldn’t that be the quote-unquote competitive market and struggle that incentivizes innovation And this is important because there’s a bigger problem the newer and smaller sites have to face the make competing with the bigger sites damn near impossible See innovation is nice and all but if I can’t sell you the product Itself the core part of what you want all the pretty bells and whistles won’t make a difference The concept that screws up this competitive market in streaming is the exclusive license the idea? Is that a studio or whatever Fox sells you the rights to stream their anime on your platform? But in order to get an edge on the other platforms to give you a reason to come to their site in particular Streaming sites bid for an exclusive license ie they buy the rights to be the only service to stream that anime isn’t that like a huge problem because when most competitive markets give you a variant of a product like a phone or a watch that has the core feature of sending and Receiving calls or telling the time streaming services don’t give you a variant of the same product unless you consider the product Entertainment which is way too vague if I have crunchyroll and Made in Abyss looks interesting, but Made in Abyss is only on anime strike I mean well fuck. I can’t just go watch the crunchyroll version of Made in Abyss. I can’t just swap it out No, I have to buy both products there’s no sense in switching from crunchyroll to anime strike because then I also want to watch hero academia going from hero academia – Made in Abyss it’s not like switching from an iPhone to Samsung. It’s just crunchyroll and anime strike and not competing markets when they’re using exclusive licenses they’re two subscription-based companies selling Literally completely different products like when was the last time you saw someone walking around with two phones or two watches you can’t call streaming services a Competitive market if you have to buy two of them the essence of a comparative market is the consumer being able to alternate between two Brands and decide which one is best for them, and then the losing product must innovate to win back the popular vote right now Though bells and whistles be damned the most popular streaming service is decided by who has enough money to afford the most popular anime Licenses which generally speaking is crunchyroll because it was first to get its foot in the door of the streaming market and now the only Thing that can enter the market is bigger corporations like Amazon or Netflix that can compete for these exclusive licenses You know would make it a competitive market though If all companies could stream every anime they were willing to buy the license for in that situation the consumer would choose which Streaming service. They liked best rather than basing it on what anime they ultimately wanted to watch. Do you see what I mean? There’s no room for innovation in this current market Ultimately the most important thing is to be able to watch the damn fucking show and these sites are exploiting that rather than doing some fucking work And making the actual product they sell Better and what’s worse is this wholly exclusive license bullshit makes it even harder For illegal streaming sites to compete with illegal ones because these thoughts can’t even guarantee They’ll have what you want to watch. If these companies cared anywhere near as much as we do about the industry They would have all formed a pact to not use exclusive licenses and thereby make piracy a much less tempting fucking option I mean fuck I go through this shit every season there’ll be something I’m interested in I’ll search it up Only to be met with fucking disappointment. I feel like I bought half a fucking product What do you expect me to do switch every season buy them all there’s no rhyme or reason to which services will have which anime so what’s the point picking one site over another the only reason people buy a Single one of these products is so they can say they’ve helped the industry and for everything else they just pirate anyway No wonder some people choose to not buy these shitty inconvenient services no fucking wonder All right, let me cool down a bit Hmm if you’re interested in any of the anime I talked about and many more They’re all available on crunchyroll crunchyroll is a legal streaming service that allows you to watch unlimited amounts of anime on your tablet mobile device computer and Wii U for the low low price of $6.99 a month or just get two free fortnight’s of premium membership by using my promo code at slash all Jews must die no fucking real sponsorship Can you fucking imagine Back on the topic of competitive markets again I just want to say not really a business expert, so take what I say with a grain of salt Hopefully any news will appear in the comment section at some point and he’s doing a business degree and has looked into all this stuff So if he shows up I’ll pin his comment even if it’s criticism. Hopefully that’ll give you a nice rounded opinion on all of this But from my point of view and what I’ve researched you should just stop supporting anything that buys exclusive licenses It just dilutes the market forces competition with money rather than innovation and it only gives more power to illegal streaming sites that by comparison have immensely larger and more popular catalogs Exclusive licenses need to fucking die and as of right now all these streaming sites Do it instead of innovating so you should probably just pirate. In doing so they’ll be forced to stop buying exclusive Licenses be forced to create a better product and as a result not only will you come back to their site But people who have never felt the need to buy a streaming service that odd 60 percent will now want to as well alright anyway I think it’s everything so now. I’m just gonna hit you with another example of potential innovation just to prove It’s possible so you know what a big uncapitalized market is Clip watching a lot of people have this kind of perception that you watch show and then you’re just kind of done But if you look at YouTube people upload all sorts of clips of their favorite moments from anime and these clips get Insane views did you know the video of the biggest twist from the second season attack on Titan has 9 million views in four months The thing is YouTube can’t capitalize on this properly because of the automatic copyright system so a lot of these flips have parts cut out Of them or they have these stupid fucking borders or the audio is sped up. Despite how shit they are though They still get crazy views you can find random 240p one-piece clips with stupid watermarks from seven years ago. With like 1.7. Million views it’s not even like an important scene There is a huge demand for people who want to go back and experience their favourite moments of a show hell I’ve gotten into new animes sometimes via random clips I found recommended to me imagine just being able to press a button on that clip and start watching the show it came from Immediately, better yet if you’re able to link your account with Mal Then crunchyroll will be able to detect exactly which clips are spoilers for you So basically that new feature would be letting users crop and place together clips using times They can give the clip a name whether it be a compilation of certain moments or what happens in the scene and then place some spoiler information Then the clip will be added to a pile for that particular anime and will be first recommended to people who have watched up to The latest episode that the clip uses from there people will evaluate how accurate the spoiler warning is and how spoilery the title is And based on that it’ll either be recommended to people who haven’t watched the series or kept exclusively for those who have one neat thing is that this is great for space and efficiency since all the clips are just pointers to the original episode bol and all they’ll have the quality to outperform the clips on YouTube and the spoiler tagging and mal backing means that Illegal sites won’t be able to copy it without establishing their own version of mal which again They won’t because mal already has a huge community backing it and no one wants to sign up with ghost town let alone the ghost town of a dodgy illegal streaming site illegal streaming can give the consumer everything They could possibly want to watch but they can’t help them choose between mal integration and high quality clips you can not only do that but provide a Fantastic service for consumers to relive their favorite moments if you want to start competing with piracy I want you to stop thinking of cruncyroll as a place where you come every week to see anime you’re currently watching and instead as the URL you type into your browser when you’re bored or Procrastinating by the way, just so we’re clear if you ever do implement this feature don’t put a fucking pay wall on it I see you thinking it don’t do it You’ve missed the point of bells and whistles if this isn’t accessible through crunchyroll’s normal Premium, Membership Jesus Christ anyway regardless of how the industry is doing right now the point is that we can definitely do better than this between the exclusive licenses and the amount of money They’re getting from people who just want to support the industry Streaming services aren’t trying to improve their product to the point where it can compete with piracy it is possible And we are capable of making it happen, but it requires a bit of tough love and illegal activities But if we got this dumbass flightless bird off the ground we can put reins on it too Look if you genuinely enjoy these services and want to pay for it do it, but if not don’t Encourage bad business practices, please stop defending the poor helpless giant corporation. It’s not a baby It’ll find a way to get your subscription back again It has been 11 years and the streaming industry is now firmly grounded There is no room for a moral argument anymore in the long run. This is better for everyone

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  1. I'd like to note that you have to pay on Crunchyroll to get rid of ads. ILLEGAL SITES DONT EVEN HAVE ADS HALF THE TIME

  2. i use premium crunchy roll and kissanime for the shows it doesn't have i have no moral standpoint the roll is easier that the kiss

  3. Not saying I do this…😅…but you can link MAL to kissanime with tampermonkey or hell even a google chrome extension 🤣

  4. hey all the people pirating is great. no ads, timer for when its new episodes are coming out and LOADS of anime. thats all.

  5. i had netflix before i started watching anime, but when i started and i didn’t like ato i pretty much had half assed anime or only one season. then i wanted to watch boku no hero so i got hulu. but there was still things i watched on netflix so now i have TWO subscriptions and it still doesn’t have all the anime i want. currently both subscriptions are cancelled (for money reasons. they are technically my moms and her bank is being a dickwad so she couldn’t pay this month.) and honestly i don’t care enough abt the industry to pay for streaming services. the only stuff i really buy is merch during special occasions and i also like physical copies of mangas so i usually buy those if i have extra cash.

  6. there is no way for me to watch AOT (attack on titan) in the my country. i tried crounchyroll, they don't support attack on titan on my country, and the same about other streaming services.

  7. It's true. No actual reason for me too. Why pay when I get the same thing. People will talk down on me but that's it. I'd only actually pay if it had substantially better quality, loading, and has access to ALL anime. Because pirating sites have all of them. At least the one I use. Ads I don't care about because they don't get in the way AS I am watching unlike Crunchyroll free account. But since pirate sites have good enough quality and loading (I almost never buffer) with ads that don't get in the way (also these ads have hot chicks) there is no reason. I definitely will support the industry in a different way by buying products that support BUUUUT I don't want to support a company that overworks and underpays their workers. I have my reasons and you have yours. Go ahead and talk me down. PS: Kind of disappointed AmaLee is one of the haters since I love her english covers but oh well.

  8. Well, there aren't any legal websites where I can watch Anime, because, in Switzerland, Crunchyroll has like no Animes, it sais: "Not available in your country" Every time I wanna watch one. To top that off, they have an amazingly ugly Website design compared to the free sites.

    I mean If someone came to you and asked you if you wanna have a free coke or buy a 2$ Pepsi, you gonna buy the Pepsi?

    Btw: I'd actually pay just to watch Anime in 1080p, but if there aren't any fucking Animes, why would I sign up?!

  9. I think steam said that you can only fight piracy by making the service/product better then what the pirate will get

  10. A bit late, but just a quick poll here.

    What's your favorite online pirating service.

    My personal is it's organized well and looks pretty

  11. As one who owns the streaming service mentioned in this video a lot, I've got something to say!
    Yea I never use it lmao. It's completely so I can say I help out a bit but it does not contain what I like so I use other things.

  12. I fail to see why I should pay money for a service that's inferior to free alternatives that are not only more readily available, but also more convenient to use. The day paid streaming services are worthy of my hard-earned dollars will be the day they get said dollars, and not a second beforehand. The consumer is under no obligation to be the only party in the contract beholden to morality, but these companies continue to labor under that delusion. I think this video was spot-on.

  13. I'm poor I have 2 brothers that i have to raise I can't pay to watch anime me and my mom are the only ones working on a shity pay

  14. >mfw wrote smort comment about how there's no competition and piracy is just better in any industry
    >mfw spiced it up with political and economical arguments
    >mfw relised it's 2017 video and deleted a comment cose, cringe, nobody cares already
    >mfw relised problem is still relevant and I shouldn't have deleted my comment
    >mfw relised this problem will always be relevant in open market
    >mfw relised that open market will always exist cose humanity is retarded
    >mfw born to suffer (or to pirate yohoho)

  15. I don't like using Crunchyroll because of the ads, and the fact that it usually doesn't possess dubs for the shows I like. Only subs.

  16. Crunchyroll could also add a 60 FPS option. It’s easy to convert anime to 60 FPS and it looks freaking amazing. A ton of people would by subscriptions to watch anime in 60 FPS

  17. I just want to say I support funimation because as a dubbing company they stream what they dub so it feels like I'm actually supporting what I'm wanting, my only compliant is sometimes shows just drop off from the service unannounced

  18. 😂😂 I used Kissanime from age 6 to 13 and always asked for funimation Crunchyroll anything but my mom said I would grow out of anime but once I spent money on manga she got me funimation and Crunchyroll 😄😄😄

  19. now I am a year late. But for something as competitive market goes, it is pretty much a simple Marketing Strategy that can change the economy. Competitive Marketing is more of fighting an opponent with the same type of product and constantly struggle to be superior than the competitor. The problem with Streaming companies is that only Pirates are willing to compete, not the legal ones, meaning that the competition ends up becoming stale and pointless.

    Before you elitists talk shit, an anime is not an entire product, anime is a category for the given product. That is why legal streaming never compete, and only a few channels in Biribiri and Youtube dare to compete with the pirates(which is not enough). Biribiri is Japanese so the only issue you get is Japanese Greed, in YouTube, Muse Asia and a minor fraction of anime streaming exists but have to make tons of deals with companies to even exist.

  20. I can say that it is somewhat okay to pirate anime. But after having two phones and a computer damaged by a virus from the torrent sites like KissAnime (We checked), I ultimately relented to paying for ad-free on Crunchyroll.

  21. Naruto 131 is a fucking classic and the subs are fucked on Crunchyroll, it’s just fucking unacceptable. THE SUBS ARE FUCKING 8s DELAYED ON A “professional website”, I was showing my gf the original naruto and sasuke fight, we were all hyped up and this shitty website fucked it all up.

  22. For anyone who advise people to PAY for anime :

    I’m only gonna pay for anime when I get all the money in the world but as for now I’m gonna be an actual smart person and VALUE my money which means I’m only gonna spend it on what’s worth it and anime isn’t worth it it’s a fact so when I ever I want to watch anime I’m gonna watch it for free and I say it with pride if you have a problem with that you can fuck off with your shitty morals if you’re gonna use the morals card if you really have morals you would’ve give your money to the poor people who actually need money not spending it on anime if you can do both that’s because you’re rich enough to do it and valuing your money isn’t something you need to care about but i do care about my money so you don’t have the right to judge me I wasn’t doing a crime i was just saving my money for what’s wroth it

  23. Well, funny thing is that sometimes you can't access it in other countries. Illegal sites allow lots of people to get their stuff in places like Nigeria or South Africa

  24. lllegal streamers gets paid millions while animator never do
    It's human's moral. I don't blame you cuz we do not expect foreigners🤣

  25. Well there in lies the problem. Even if the streaming service does improve, it wouldn't stop piracy at large because A) there wouldn't ever be a service with all of the content one could want and that's just true of any streaming service B) it doesn't change the underlying reason why anyone would pirate in the first place I.E not wanting to spend money on what they watch.


    Have at it folks 🙂

  27. I got a lawsuit for piracy idk if it was just a warning or whatever but i just got it in the mail n i just threw it away and ive never heard back from em, i now use a vpn you should 2

  28. If I could continue my history and queue up anime on an anime only site they have my money. Crunchyroll is the only sub site that does that…they need competition besides funi, specifically one that does sub anime. Then they’ll stop taking their customers for granted.

  29. i feel scummy for pirating but what am i supposed to do? buy every streaming service that has that one anime i want to watch?

  30. Dude this video has so many great points though with all the shit funimation has pulled recently I doubt they’ll get my money ever again

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  32. This makes me want to invest into starting an anime site that actually gets it and doesn't try to make folks feel bad for pirating. A site with cheap membership and all the anime you could imagine, membership, chat room, clips… I wish we could get together with others and turn this into a reality, because I truly want this

  33. I started getting into anime recently and can't believe I have a friend (not an anime fan), told me to stop watching illegally because the animators worked hard for it and they were underpaid.

    If the case was underpaid, why is it the costumers fault?

  34. 9:03 This is the reason why I don't buy consoles. There's no reason to buy a PS3/4/5 or a Xbox360/One/OneX if their exclusives can run fine on PC but they CHOOSE not to release them on PC.

    Besides, emulator technology is getting better, so I'll eventually be able to run them on PC anyway.

  35. Another issue to consider is that a lot of anime fans are minors, meaning they literally unable to pay for the service since they don't have a credit card.

  36. People probably wouldn't pirate anime as much if companies like Crunchyroll and FUNimation would make their free service options better. I mean seriously, I'm okay with having ads… but the sheer number of ads that FUNimation and Crunchyroll have is absolutely ridiculous. But even forgetting that, there is still the issue of region-locked shows and shows that you can't access without a premium subscription. It would make more sense to 1) have a smaller number of higher-paying advertisers, 2) give different shows different amounts of adds and even have some that don't have ads at all, and 3) give full unlimited access to all content.

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